Being Prepared

Today was the day!

The day I have been dreading for 15 months.

The day Spencer wrote home to tell me that he had been in the hospital.  I cried all the way through his letter.  I was just so sad that I couldn't have been there to take care of him but it was a testimony builder to know that even though I couldn't be there for him, he was taken care of by good doctors, nurses and Mission leaders.  Even through the tears and my shaking hands, I knew without a doubt that God has been watching over him.

Even Spencer said that he knows he was being watched over.  He has never been that sick and had it resolve in just a couple of days.  In the past when he had similar symptoms, he was sick for weeks!  He said he is getting better each day and I hope that continues to be the case.

I couldn't help but think about two words today...Being Prepared.

Before Spencer left, we spent an entire afternoon going over health things.  I taught him about fever protocol and treatment, nausea and other GI problems, asthma, cuts, bruises...the whole nine yards!  I told him what he could treat on his own and when to go to the hospital or when a doctor visit would do.

I also purchased the C.A.R.E medical USB bracelet and a USB Zipper pull and loaded all his medical information in there before he left.  It is a wonderful resource.  He can just hand the USB to a doctor or nurse, they plug it in to their computer and up comes a very detailed medical spreadsheet describing his illness, medications, drug allergies, contact numbers, our team of doctors and their contact numbers and even pertinent blood tests and other reports.  The doctor at that end can upload tests to the USB so we have a history of any testing done while we are gone. Each doctor along the way can see what has been done, when it was done and at what facility.  

This is the second time he has needed medical care, the first time he wasn't sick, our doc in Seattle just needed some blood work done.  Each doctor that has used the USB was really impressed with how easy it was to navigate and how much it helped them in treating Spencer.

Without a doubt, there is a peace that comes knowing you are prepared for things like this.  Not only was Spencer prepared physically, but he was prepared spiritually.  He had listened to the spirit and knew that this illness was different from most and that he needed help. I am glad that he had prepared himself appropriately.

I guess for an average guy, this wouldn't have been a big deal but for Spencer and his lousy bone marrow function, his immune system that is hanging by a thread, it's a big scary deal... for me at least.  He had a really high fever, continual vomiting, extreme pain in his joints and his stomach.  Vomiting is really scary because Spencer doesn't have a gag reflex so his airway is basically unprotected and aspiration of the vomit is a real, serious threat. So, without a doubt, he was being protected and cared for by Angels and his Father in Heaven.

I also can't help but look at the latest turn of events in Spencer's mission as a tender mercy and a way to prepare him for this illness.  He was recently transferred from the small towns to the city of Littleton where there is a bigger, more accessible hospital. For the first time in his mission, he is living with a retired couple, rather than alone with his companion in an apartment.  I think all of that was a real blessing.

I am so grateful to have the faith I need, to have him gone for two years!  I think I've done really well and I haven't become one of 'THOSE' missionary moms who continually bug the Mission President.

So, all is well that ends well.

Here's something funny to end on... Spencer learned how to crochet!  Now, I'm not sure who taught him or why he did it, but he crocheted a scripture case for himself.  He makes me laugh...



  1. So sorry to hear Spencer has been sick. And that is one sweet scripture case!


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