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Impromptu Procedure

Sam has been doing so well for three days...until I blew it today!  I've been making great strides in screwing things up lately!  I'm so awesome I can hardly contain myself!

Here's how it all went down.  Shelbie needed all her scripts refilled and her thyroid medication had run out of refills.  That means one thing..a big pain the neck.  I never find out she is out until she is out.  The pharmacy never puts calling the doctor at the top of their priority list and for me to call the doctor includes a grand game of phone tag, SO...I decided after school to run Shelbie down to the clinic for a blood test and get the refill script myself.  They never refill it unless we do the token blood work to check her thyroid levels.  Fair enough.

Monday, Sam showed me this strange mole that showed up just a week ago from out of the blue.  It was waxy looking and was starting to fill up with blood.  Since Dyskeratosis Congenita carries a 95% chance of getting cancer, including skin cancer, I wanted to be proactive. Since we were going to the clinic anyways, I made Sam come to get the mole checked out.

Long story short...I'm glad we did.  The doctor thought it was suspect and so he had to have it removed!  He has another one that is suspect and will need removed but Sam was only up for one being taken off.  The other one will be a little more involved because of where it is on his back so we will go back for that.
Cool picture right?  I took this on my phone.  He was actually on a procedure table and the room was super bright with the big surgical light shining over him.  I'm not sure how it ended up looking so dramatic!  That's the growth in question.  We will wait now for pathology. 
The procedure was easy and the numbing part was the hardest but now...he is back to being upset and won't talk to me.  To make matters worse, we went to the gym tonight after work, and he pulled a muscle in his shoulder and back within the first 20 minutes so we had to leave and come home to ice it and nurse it.

Ahhh....oh what fun!  I tried to explain to him that prevention is the key to him living a happy life.  I'm not trying to make his life miserable.  I do understand that having to go through procedures, even minor ones, just stirs up all the anxiety of living with a chronic and fatal disease.

I'm not too sure how to help him cope better.  I can't just let things go so he isn't reminded of his reality but it sure is rough to go through this so often.

Can't wait for next week...both kids in the hospital AGAIN!

Shelbie on Tuesday for her transfusion and Sam on Thursday for all his pulmonary all day event at the hospital.



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