The Quandaries of Blogging

I'm not super happy about the state of my blog.  I hated to have to go private but considering the crazies that come into my life from time to time...I was getting a bit freaked out.

My blog is something I really, really enjoy.  I enjoy blogging so much, I use to have 5 blogs!  Now, I'm just down to 3.  The future of this blog is in flux...again!

I am toying with the idea of just going public again.  If the crazies want to get me and my family, a private blog isn't going to stop them.  If you hate someone, you just pretty much hate them.

The other idea I am considering is changing the name, the address and keeping it public.  If I do that, it's going to take some time for the crazies to find me again because they will keep searching for the old address...

Finally, just scrapping it altogether.  This doesn't feel like a great option but...I am going through a mid life crisis so anything could happen.  ;)

I think this quandary is really just the standard theme I've been feeling lately...restless.  Anxious.  Maybe anxious is a better word.  Not really sure what it's all about but change is in the air.

Stay tuned til I figure this whole mess out!

If you have any ideas for a name change...I'm all ears.



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