I Lived

One of my SDS friends posted this music video from One Republic called, I Lived.  They showcase a 15 year old boy with Cystic Fibrosis.

It was a pretty powerful message.  Not only that, when the boy starts talking, that congested echo from diseased lungs,  flooded my mind with all sorts of memories from my friend Dana who passed away of CF.  It's amazing how a voice can bring back so many great memories.  Probably the best memories of my life.

I sort of had to choke back the tears as I watched the video.  I could see my own boys in this young man's life.  My boys have done it all!  When they are called home, I know they will be able to say they lived.

Now, if I too could say that...we'd be doing great! Here's to another day of trying.



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