A Belated Birthday

I can't believe I didn't post about Spencer's birthday on the blog!  I posted on Facebook, Instagram but didn't get it to the blog!  I made such a big deal about it too!! So, here is my Ode to Spencer!!

My oldest son!  A whopping 20 years old on September 8th.  I miss that boy more than anything.  I sometimes catch myself daydreaming about the day I get to actually wrap my arms around him and hold him tight!  I get teary eyed just thinking about our reunion!

I use to think I wanted a houseful of girls and when I found out I was having a boy, I remember thinking...huh?  I'm not a boy mom!  Why would God send me a boy?  But boy oh boy, I am so glad he sent me two boys!  They take such good care of me.  They are both so kind and sensitive to me and Shelbie.

Spencer has been such a blessing to our family.  He adds to our wacky sense of humor and together, we have so much fun, no matter what the circumstances.  He has a way of breaking the tension.  Here are some of my favorite pictures of Spencer through the last two decades...

2 months old

3 years old

8 years old

13 years old

The family that gets sick together, stays together! 

The nurse told Spencer to put the hair net over his head...so he did!  Not quite what she had in mind.  On his way to get his gallbladder removed on his 16th birthday.

Spencer doesn't just move mountains, he jumps them and whatever else is in his way!

Always ready to shock the crowd with his humor

Senior Tribute at Church.  Spencer made that long board and painted the art!

Goofing around with his sidekick Sam

Jackson Hole 2013

We were at a Biochemical Geneticist appointment and the staff was so grouchy.  Shelbie was crying and frustrated so Spencer saved the day.  I can't remember what he was saying, but some running commentary that had us in tears, we were laughing so hard.  Made the rest of the 3 hour appointment bearable! 

Spencer on his Wish Trip.  Getting ready to see Jimmy Fallon in New York City! November 2012

Uncle Howard, Sam and Spencer made it on the jumbo screen at Times Square!!! So cool!

On our way to Seminary Graduation

His mission picture

My favorite picture of all.  A hardworking missionary.
I am so proud of Spencer.  He has lived a fearless life.  Even going against the advice of his doctors, he chose to serve a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He knew that if he dedicated his life to Heavenly Father, he would be blessed with health and strength while on his mission.  He has always had faith that everything will work out.  He has often told me out of all the experiences he has had, serving a mission has been the highlight of his life.

I don't think I've heard him complain once about his mission.  Even when his first apartment was in a double car garage with no plumbing , no closets, no kitchen and a string of Christmas lights for light. He loved it!  He loves working for people, serving them, teaching them and loving them.  

So, it was a big birthday for him.  I sent him a box of balloons, confetti birthday banner, messages in bottles and cake in a can!  It was so fun to make!  I had a blast getting his box ready!

So, Happy Birthday to my favorite 20 year old!



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