Shelbie and I trying to get out of our street

The end of our street

Last night, the 15th of July, we had a flash flood in our big little town.  It was scary!  It wasn't your usual downpour of rain, there were high winds and hail the size of quarters.  Sam and I were at Walmart when it started around 5pm.  By the time we left the store, about a 1/2 hour later it was so bad we could hardly see the street.   The sky showed signs of clearing and so I really just assumed this would be a short lived event.

It has been a pretty hard week and weekend around here and yesterday, I was just plain stupid!  I drove myself to Jackson Hole for a job interview.  Shelbie was sick, Sam had commitments and I didn't want to miss out on a job.  I figured if I didn't take any of my medication, I would be okay but I wasn't.  It was tough to drive as a dizzy person and then to go up and down the pass was like someone stabbing my ear with with a knife!  I hadn't even considered that part!

Being the wise woman I am, I wore high heels and a dress to the job interview that was on the property of a home in some stage of remodel.  I wasn't sure how much had been torn up but I thought, if I wear high heels to a construction site, they won't notice my vertigo because they would just think I was walking carefully because I was in a high heels on a construction site...see how smart I am?  It worked!  But by the time I was done walking around and up and down...I was not well.  Then I had to drive home.

By the time I got home, my head was pounding, spinning and felt like I was going to pass right out!

So, getting home from the store in the rain, I had a thought to check the windows in the basement...they always leak. Sam left to try to get to his Dad's house to pick up things for a party he was going to.  He barely made it there.  The water on the road was now up over the bottom of his door.  His muffler was groaning and water logged and he kept texting me to tell me he was having a hard time getting there so I got distracted.  When I finished with him and he had arrived safely, I got to the windows.

Water was pouring in from the tops of the windows...not filling up the window wells like normal basement flooding.  I ran upstairs and grabbed every single towel in the house and stumbled back down to the basement.  I got that under control then noticed that water was laying on the basement floor where there aren't even any windows!!!  Water was pouring down the wall, between the studs and leaking out under the drywall.  I had about an 1" of so of standing water a ways out into the family room.

I was so frustrated!!!!  I posted a mean and angry post on Facebook, not really knowing the scope of what was happening in the city elsewhere.  I didn't hear the emergency alert on my phone.  I was tired and done for!   Water in my basement just wasn't something I needed to deal with.

Now, I'm embarrassed because I later realized that this was truly a disaster.  A city wide disaster and what happened to my house was nothing compared to friends, even my neighbors house!  So many people had 5' or more of water in their homes!  The oddest thing was that areas just one mile from our city limits didn't even get a drop of rain!! It was literally a black, disastrous cloud that blanketed our town.

It was two am before Sam got home and we had everything under control.  I was so tired and in so much pain.

It's been so interesting to me to see all the pictures coming on the social media feeds.  It's been even more interesting to read the comments.  Some people have said that God must have really been angry with our little town to cause so many problems.   I've heard that a lot.

I've been thinking of perspective is that this was the Perfect Storm!  It was perfect in so many ways!  It was perfect because I don't think a soul in this town can ever doubt again that God is in His Heaven and He is here on Earth.  I don't think a soul in this town can deny the miracles that happened all over!  I don't think a soul in this town can say that no one cared about them.

The thing I loved the most was that without one second thought, Sam abandoned his party plans (which still went on by the way) and just jumped right in to help a neighbor who had 5' of water in their basement!  Beds were floating, most everything was ruined.  While he was there, we witnessed miracle upon miracle.  People just kept showing up to help, Dominoes Pizza took food over for free but he saw them bring a bin of pictures from deep waters, opened the lid to find everything completely dry and preserved.  It was perfect!

I looked at all the service that was given to me, to my neighborhood, to strangers... and it was perfect!  It is exactly what this town needed to wake up to!  Sometimes, I think we wander around half asleep, not noticing anything but our own little problems.  I know I do.  I have.

I don't think God hated anyone.  I do believe that perhaps, it was His way of gathering His people; to bring us back to one heart and one mind.  It was perfect...that's my perspective.

Not only that, we have been dealing with so much sickness and other really hard things that ultimately, I really didn't care about the basement and in fact, I was sorry the whole thing wasn't washed away!  I have felt smothered by this world, the stuff, the everything...I wouldn't have missed one single thing had we been faced with more water than we were.  Someone said to me, "Why don't you care that your sheet rock is wet and water is running down behind your wall?  You don't even sound bothered?"

I guess because, from where I stand...The only thing that really matters is my kids.  As long as they are safe and with me, then everything else is just stuff, useless, pointless, a clutter to my life, then who cares?  I just don't care.

So, I've learned that perspective is everything and this was the perfect storm and God is gathering His people...and that is love.  God is love!



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