Baker's Dozen

Here's the deal...They say trouble comes in 3's right?

Well, this family...trouble comes in a Baker's Dozen!  Arghhhh...It's really starting to feel embarrassing, ridiculous and crazy really.  Just crazy.  Stranger than fiction...

Where to start...

I went for my 4 week post surgery today.  4 weeks and this dang ear is still weeping, and bleeding.  4 silly weeks and it's still not better! I'm so over this.  Two more weeks and I go back to see if it's any better.  My hearing is greatly improved.  The hearing test showed a 40 decibel gain from surgery!  The doctor said a successful surgery is 15 decibels.  So, I guess that was good.  I blame myself for the slow recovery.  I pushed it and did too many things I wasn't suppose to do.  But, what else is a single mother suppose to do? I had to work, I couldn't afford to lose my jobs.

Speaking of losing jobs...I got laid off from two jobs, 24 hours apart!! No, I did not see this coming.  Two weeks ago, both employers told me what a 'Fantastic' job I was doing.  These jobs were two of my main jobs.  It amounts to a $1600 loss of income.  That's big.

Shelbie is getting a bad cold.  She is suppose to sing tomorrow night at a big Make A Wish Event.  Of course, because of our Seattle trip and the doctor not getting the IVIG approved in time, she is behind her transfusion schedule.  I'm not sure when it will happen but it's not going to happen this week.  I just hope she will be able to sing.

I'm not going to cover all 13 line items of trouble because it's not worth my fingers typing it.

Tonight, I'm just trying not to get mad at everything and everyone. I'm trying to understand what in the world God is doing with my life!  I just don't get it!  If I'm suppose to be learning something, then perhaps, it's time he realized I'm just not getting the message...maybe an email would be better, or a text message instead of trial after trial.

I'm really hoping that losing these jobs means a better one is waiting around the corner.   I hope it all makes sense soon enough.  I'm pretty much sick of it all.



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