Goodbye 2013!

This is a big day for me!!  Said goodbye to my other blog...Nuttin Wise!  Now all the fun will happen HERE, on this blog!

This is also...

The day this no good, very bad year ends!  I should look back on it with fond memories but mostly, I'm saying....get me the &#*@ outta here!!

Okay, okay...some really good things happened...Spencer is happy serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  He is so happy!! And, while I miss him terribly...I couldn't be happier!  Sam has grown leaps and bounds and become a really sweet boy that is so helpful and protective of Shelbie and I.  Shelbie is finding herself.  She has been challenged, spread her wings a little more, found some friends who aren't too bad and all that is good!

Let's see...what else good happened this year?  Hmmmm.....thinking.....thinking....give me a second.....

Anyways.  It's been quite the year!

Seriously, we have been blessed in spite of the trials and difficulties.  God has definitely been leading us along and for that...I can't complain!!  I know there is no other way to grow.

I have learned some lessons in 2013:

  1. I have learned that when people tell you that you really need to stand your ground, set boundaries, don't be a door mat, say what you feel and mean what you say, share your opinion... they really all that with everyone else but them!  They don't appreciate it when you make the effort to be a little more, shall we say, proactive?  But, I am learning not to apologize for my feelings, my opinions, my boundaries even if I have lost a few friends this year because of my thoughts on politics, healthcare, education, parenting, this country, my country...the list goes on and so does life, with or without them!
  2. I have learned a lot about the kind of people I want in my life, the kind that stress me out, the kind who energize me, the kind who help me and the kind who...I'm not sure why they are there. 
  3. I have learned that a 15 year old can really turn me into a redneck! Don't ask.. it's a long story, lesson learned. Even the guy at the dump was embarrassed for me when I drove up to get rid of this 100 lb thing I wrestled to the top of Shelbie's car...all alone!!! Arrghhh.... #Ineedtostophelping15yearoldboys withbigdreams!
  4. I have learned that I am stronger than I thought I could ever be...(because I lift 100 lb gym mats...just kidding)
  5. I have learned that life is going to hand you lemons and chances are you won't have any sugar to make that darn lemonade so just enjoy the lemons!  What else are you going to do?
  6. I have learned that 44 years can feel an awful lot like 96 and stress can really bugger up your life span.  Surprising.
  7. I have learned that my kids are sometimes a whole lot smarter than me!
  8. I have learned that there can be peace in the midst of chaos and joy can be found in the strangest places like the recovery room at the hospital. 
  9. I have learned that life is pretty exciting and I actually DO like roller coasters...when they are at Disney World!  ;)
  10. I have learned that God is in the details!  The Savior is watching...not far off.  With a little faith, I can move mountains and the Breath of Heaven is like CPR for my soul when my spirit feels dead inside!
So, there's the wrap up for 2013!  

NOW....2014!  I use to say..."It can't get any worse?" can!  So now I am trading that adage for this one...."Buckle up and wear a crash helmet!"  Yes, you can quote me!  I'm just being realistic.  And, here is my little mascot for 2014!  Isn't she cute!  I love that she's a little beat up, stitched up...but still smiling!  That's what we intend to do through the bumps and bungles of next year! 
(image source:
So...Happy New Year!  I hope you will stick around and see how this story unfolds... We are starting a really cool tradition next week...come back and find out what it is!!!  I bet you've never heard of it before!



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