Breath of Heaven

Without a doubt, it has been a pretty crazy couple of days.  I have been asked by many how we are doing?  I'm not really sure how to answer that question.  It changes every hour, literally, every hour I feel something different.

Friday was just about getting through the day. It was about waiting for our doctor to call and get things started.  It was about just trying to keep the tears at bay.

Yesterday was different.  Yesterday, I wanted to feel peace. I needed to feel peace.  I prayed that I would feel peace.  Yesterday, there was more peace.

Yesterday, I sincerely felt Heaven and a host of angels lifting me up.  The breath of Heaven I wanted so badly to feel, I felt.  It came in many forms, some unexpected but it came.

It came in the box of presents that appeared on my doorstep late Friday night.  It's not the presents that touched me but the fact that each of the 12 gifts had a tag with a thought written on it.  Little reminders that there is a God.

It came while spending the morning in the temple.  As I wrote my children's names on the prayer list, I could feel Heaven lifting a portion of this burden.

It came when my dear friends brought a box of food, more presents, homemade caramels but most importantly, they brought their beautiful spirits into my home and a thought, reminding me that the purpose of life is to rescue one another.  They were part of the rescue team today.

Finally, the highlight of my day was a little three year old that came over to hang out with me.  He belongs to my neighbor but I claim him as my own.  My neighbor had called to see if they could bring us a treat and I asked that they let their little boy come down for cookies and milk and Christmas stories.  This little boy loves Spiderman.  While Shelbie napped on the couch, we pretended to cover her in our spider webs.  Part way through of our playing, he stopped and said, "You can't be Spiderman, I am ."
"Oh, okay.  I will be Batman!"
"Nope, you can't be him either."
"Oh, okay.  I will be the hulk!"
"You can't be the Hulk, you are a Princess!"

My heart melted!! I need to keep him around more often.  It was a fun afternoon with a little boy full of life and happiness.



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