Don't apologize

Life sucks and then you die!  Have you heard this lovely adage before?  I'm sure you have.  Life does suck at times.  Our life sucks at times but most of the time, despite what I write here, our life is okay.   We do a lot of course correcting to find 'normal' again or at least some kind of normal that feels do-able but we always find it and life takes on a new rhythm.

Sometimes, I wonder, if you could put our life to music what would the symphony sound like?  Would it be a chorus of angry, sharp tones or a melodic flow of lovely chords and arpeggios? Would I like what I hear?

Life with Shwachman Diamond Syndrome is not fun and Mitochondrial disease makes it even less fun but the truth is, we aren't dead yet.  We are still living life.  We still have lots to live for and until everyone has fulfilled the measure of their design, no one is going anywhere.  So, don't apologize.

Don't apologize for the difficulties you read about here, it's just part of the song.  Don't apologize when I ask how your son's broken leg is mending or your daughters 3rd round of antibiotics for another ear infection and pretend it's no big deal,especially when you compare it to my life. It is a big deal!

We are all dealing with big deals and no matter how they come packaged, they are all big deals and we are all learning the same lessons aren't we?  Aren't we all learning to trust in God; to trust that he has a plan for us and that if we can stop and be patient, things will work out?

It's hard having a life of huge problems.  It's makes people stop talking to you, associating with you because how could anything they are dealing with have any resemblance to mine?  Well, it does.  Trials come in all shapes and sizes and no trial is easy or fun.  I know that.  I feel bad when people tell me about their difficulties then say, "Well, I know I have no room to complain."  I say complain away!  We are all in this together and believe me, we don't have it all that bad, it's all we've ever known.  It's not like this was thrust upon us after enjoying a totally normal, healthy, problem free existence.

I look at some close friends I have who are dealing with cancer; husbands with cancer, mothers with cancer, sisters with cancer, children with cancer, children with autism and a million other things and I count my blessings. So, don't ever feel like you have to apologize that your trials look different from mine.



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