Racking up the bill

Bills are so much fun!!  I had to go pick up the Fidaxomicin for Samuel this afternoon and it came to $3500!! For a 10 DAY supply!  A 10 DAY supply!! Sheesh!  Add that to the rest of the medications they take and this month alone, we have racked up a whopping $9500.00 pharmacy bill!

I'm afraid to look at our yearly prescription maximums because I fear we are getting really close to exceeding the amount they will allow us to spend.  After that, it's going to be coming out of my pocket and that is a scary thought!

 Let's not even mention the fact that on Friday alone, our hospital bill was nearly $15,000.   Then, let's not mention the fact that all the testing for Sam was over $1000.00

Just think of all the things you can buy for $9500.00!

-I could finish my basement
-buy all new furniture
-buy a new car
-go on a much needed vacation to somewhere warm
-I could sponsor two kids with Make A Wish
-I could buy a whole new wardrobe for everyone!
-I could make a dent in my debt load

The list is endless really.  Here's another interesting piece of trivia; it would take me almost 6 months to make $9500 working at my current 9 jobs and that's only if I don't spend one dime on anything else.

It's kind of sad and overwhelming too when you look at from this perspective.  I just need to focus on the moment and try not to think too far in advance because there is just so much I could be worrying about!  It doesn't make sense to me how it will all work out!  Somehow it does!



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