Faith in Humanity

We have broken our trip to Seattle into two days.  Thursday, we got into my parent's house late and Friday, spent the morning with them.  My niece and her husband were there as well so it was a fun morning.  We headed into Spokane for lunch then Shelbie took their picture in downtown Spokane.

While they did their thing, my parents and Spencer and Sam and I just wandered around thoroughly enjoying the warm sun!  Oh how I've missed the sun!!  There was this awesome two story brick building that was home to some trendy, fun stores.  I sat on the balcony of the second floor just watching the world go by.

A lady came out of her store and made small talk with me.  The air outside her spa smelled so good so I told how fabulous the scent was.  She said, "Come in, let me show you these amazing new candles."  She explained how her friend was able to make this amazing candles that were just like an expensive New York brand.  She asked if we lived in Spokane and I told her we were just passing through to Seattle. She told me all about her 25 year career as a massage therapist. She had a great spirit about her.

"Oh" she said,"I bet you will have a great time!  What are your plans while you're there?  Are you traveling with children?"
"Yes, I have three.  We are just going to Seattle Children's for bone marrow biopsies and stuff."
Her eyes welled up with tears and she said, "What? That's awful!  I'm so sorry.  What is wrong with them?"
I explained that they were born with a genetic disease that causes bone marrow failure and we have to check on the progress of their disease a couple of times a year.  Just then, Sam walked in to find me.
"Is this your son?"
"He looks so handsome.  I'm so sorry he is sick!"  At this point, she couldn't contain her emotions and tears were pouring down her cheeks.  She wished me well and gave me a hug and said she had to go.

I left the store and went back out to the chair I was sitting on.  I felt bad that she was so emotional about our situation.

A few minutes later, she came back out and handed me a card, a beautiful, hand crafted card with a note that said she wanted to offer me a free massage on my way back through Spokane.  I was so touched!  I couldn't believe the kindness of a total stranger.

In a world that is so chaotic and full of everyone only watching out for themselves, this brought me a little hope that loving, kind people still exist!  I think she is the extraordinary person!  So, thanks to Liz, my new friend and the Pure Skin Spa in Spokane!

We are headed to the hospital in just a few minutes.  We will spend the entire day there...



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