Calming down...oh wait, just kidding

It's been a tricky sort of week and a weird one at that!

I am doing better today.  The swelling is going down, I could actually wear pants today.  There are just a few patches of hives left and tonight, the overall swelling in my joints seems to be subsiding.  Best of all, I haven't cried all day!  Yay...I hope that means the awful and nasty Prednisone is working it's way out and my kidney's have remembered that they have a job to do.  That would be extra nice.

So, as far as I go, things are calming down.  I may sound selfish here but I really can't be sick.  It's true what they say, the mother sets the tone for the entire family.  When I am down physically or emotionally, it drains the entire family of life preserving hope and energy and it's a hard thing to get back.  Our groove gets interrupted and my efforts to have life run like clockwork gets all reset into something that looks a little more like chaos.   The kids start worrying that I am dying and if I am dead then who is left to take care of them?  That starts the hamster wheel of thinking that does nothing for our positive attitude and gets us nowhere.

I am grateful for a couple of friends who came to my rescue today too.  Miss J was so sweet to come over for a visit and bring delicious muffins and Pepsi...ahhhh!!!  I am going to miss her horribly when she moves in just a couple of weeks.  Then Miss K brought over a very tasty chicken pot pie!  I know these are two busy moms yet they took the time to help stabilize our topsy, turvy week.  It helped so much!

Life can't all be smooth sailing.  I'm no doctor but, it would appear tonight that Samuel has C-Diff!  Ugh... Truthfully, I had a feeling that if the cellulitis wasn't cured in the first round of antibiotics, we would be dealing with C-diff at one point or another.  Sure enough, three rounds of antibiotics has arrived, I think.

So, tomorrow, it's back to the doctor but at least, I feel a little more like I can manage things from here and for that I am so grateful!



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