We interrupt this hurricane...

To continue with Spencer's Wish.  We spent some time at the Empire State building and yesterday, my brother in law was able to get us free tickets to skate at Rockefeller Center.  What a blast!  We didn't skate for long because we are wimps but it was fun!  We shopped on 5th Ave. a bit, saw the huge Lego store and headed to Central Park Zoo.  It is a tiny zoo but you could really get up close and personal with the animals.  Today, we saw Lady Liberty and Ellis Island, made it to the 911 Memorial and walked up Wall Street and saw the Bull.  We also ate a McDonalds on Broadway that had a concert pianist playing music on a black grand piano!  Pretty cool

Shelbie has been struggling with all the walking we are doing.  Her tethered nerves in her legs have been causing a ton of trouble!  She has been in tears every day we have been here but she keeps on going and hangs in there; a real trooper.  Spencer has had a few bouts of feeling pretty sick after eating but he too, just keeps on going.  Only once, at the zoo, did he have to find a bathroom in a hurry. Sam has been doing well.

Last night, Shelbie was beyond tired and we had 1.5 hours to wait for a table at Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square.  I decided to sit on the floor in the lobby of the restaurant with Shelbie (the floor because the place was packed with people waiting and there were no seats so we joined the masses on the floor)  While we kept our place in line, the boys and my brother in law went out to check out Times Square.

Microsoft was just outside the restaurant with a huge set up to promote their new Microsoft 8 and their tablets.  They had taken over the huge billboard there on the Square.  The boys were playing on the tablets and chatting with one of the female employees.  Long story short, they talked her into putting their picture up on the huge billboard in Times Square for all the world to see.  Not only that, they talked her into some really nice Microsoft coats!  After dinner, we went and picked them up.  As the boys left, the girl said to Spencer, "I hope you get to live a long time."  It was sort of awkward, but sweet at the same time.

Okay, on to some pictures.
A view from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building

Spencer and I on the observation deck.

Skating at Rockefeller- what a blast!

This dragon and the picture below are made entirely out of Lego!  I was impressed with how that dragon head just hung out there so far without falling apart. 

The Love sign on 5th Avenue

Central Park

Statue of Liberty

Who's that in our picture?  My brother in law Howard! He has been a lot of fun to hang out with. 

Sam and the Bull

New York Stock Exchange

911 Memorial

The survivor tree at the Memorial.  This was the only tree that survived the attacks on 9/11. They nursed it's burnt branches back to life.  In 2010, it was uprooted in a severe storm and again, it was brought back to life. 

Well, Spencer's wish is over now.  Just three days because of the Hurricane but we crammed a lot into those three days; a ton in fact!! Spencer enjoyed every minute of it and loves New York.  I really like New York too!  The people here are so friendly, seriously so friendly and kind.  Tonight at almost midnight, I had to get to a pharmacy.   The wind is howling here now and even though it feels like rain, it is just mist from the water miles away blowing into Mid Manhattan.  Spencer came with me and we walked a few blocks to find the pharmacy but I didn't even feel scared or nervous to be out so late.  There are times I feel more threatened at home going to Walgreens at 10 by myself!  I have been pleasantly surprised by this town.  I would definitely come back.

Well, back to the regularly scheduled Hurricane!


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