The schedule is what?

Well, I heard from the Doctor in Seattle and her scheduling nurse today.  The kids have been scheduled for their bone marrow biopsies and mitochondrial testing.  Since this is a public blog and I tend to play more in the arena of cautious and paranoid, I won't advertise when we will be gone but it will be before the end of the month. 

I had no idea I would have such an array of emotions and feelings.  I am relieved that we can get this over with sooner than later.  The kids are relieved too but all of us are feeling this anxiety that comes from doing something new.  Of course, BMB are not new but the hospital and city are.  We had grown comfortable with St.Lukes in Boise.  All the nurses remembered us from year to year, we knew the protocal and felt secure with our doctors and his assistants.  When we began doing them here in town, even though it was a different venue, we were still fairly comfortable because we knew most of the nurses at the hospital so that helped. 

Now, we are in a huge city that we are still not comfortable with, a huge hospital and the doctor we loved so much in August will not even be there!  It will all be so new but I guess that is to be expected.  I was really hoping that we could get a room at the Ronald McDonald house but their waiting list is so long they are requiring a minimum 4 night stay.  We will only need 2 nights so I will be hitting Priceline to see if I can find us a cheap deal. 

I am experiencing that old familiar "I changed my mind" feeling.  I don't want to know if the abnormal cells have become leukemia, I don't want to know if they have mitochondrial disease, I don't want to know how many donors might be a match for my kids, I don't want anything but a big rock and an elixer that will magically float me back to the river of 'De-Nile' and crown me 'QUEEN'!! Is that unreasonable? UGH!!


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