Not my plan

As is customary, things are not going according to plan, at least my plan.  I did not want to go through the weekend without getting bmb results but here we are.  No news is, well, no news!  Maybe Monday or maybe I should just stop waiting for things to go according to my plans, what do I know?

I continue to stay busy and actually had a full Friday night and Saturday.  The kids and I have committed to be part of a great service project that the Sullenger's have co ordinated.  They are a young couple whose daughter drowned in a canal this past August.  She was only 2 years old.  This December 17th, she would have celebrated her 3 birthday.  In honor of her, they are planning a service project to put together 200 tote bags for the Primary Children's Medical Center PICU filled with essentials that parents may need if they have  arrived at the unit in an emergency situation.  Their daughter was life flighted and they had little time to prepare for the hospital stay.  These totes will include such things as toiletries, blankets, snacks, journal, etc.  We don't know them personally, but I have followed their blog since the accident.  We have had fun collecting some items, looking for bargains to donate.  That has been nice to work on that this weekend. 

Tonight, our town celebrated Halloween.  My kids were not here for the weekend and rather than sit around alone talking to my dog, I invited some families over for scones and hot chocolate to warm them up after a cold night collecting candy.  It was really fun but I missed my kids.  The house was full of laughter and fun from all the little ones so that was a great way to spend a Saturday and I enjoyed getting things ready for them. 

I did break down this afternoon and used a gift card I received earlier this year at Sage for an hour massage.  My back and neck are still recovering from all the problems they have had the last couple of weeks.  I couldn't even sleep last night for all the pain I was in and nothing was relieving it.  The poor girl who gave me the massage was tired when she was done.  I could feel her hands shaking from trying to work the knots out.  At one point she said, "What do you do for a living, your back is messed up?"  Ha, ha, she could hardly believe I was just a mom! 

Anyways, made it through another day, not quite as crazy as yesterday!


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