A good omen

This is what the kids refer to as the 'flower of hope'.  It just began growing in between the concrete joints in the backyard.  I didn't plant it, obviously, I have no idea where it came from.  I haven't even watered any of the bushes or grass in more than 6 weeks.  When we went to Seattle in August, everything pretty much got scorched because I wasn't there to water and tend to things so I haven't invested anymore effort into the backyard.  The lilies have faded, the burning bush leaves have about blown away, even the grass where the duck pen use to be is struggling to come back even months after the duck flew away. 

Now we have this beautiful little flower flourishing on the threshold of winter.  It doesn't seem bothered by the shortened days and near freezing nights or the lack of water and tender care.  I guess this little flower of hope reminds me that though at times we may be clinging to brighter days like the last leaves of fall, we can still be bright, stand tall and blossom through the overcast clouds that sometimes hang over the day. 


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