Today's Events

This was our morning at MM Hospital.  Spencer had to lay still like this for just over 2 hours.  They were injecting contrasts and dyes and then some horrible substance that made him feel really sick and get super hot.  He was able to watch as the contrast worked through his liver, gallbladder, and all the major ducts.  We won't know much until tomorrow probably, maybe even Friday. 

    There were two students attending this procedure and the radiologist was giving them a play by play of what she was doing and then discussed with them the amount of radiation Spencer would be receiving. She was going on about how important it was that they protected themselves from the radiation by staying behind the lead glass panel she had moved between Spencer and her desk.  She got out some radiation detector tucked in the top drawer and showed us all how radioactive Spencer was compared to other parts of the room.  When she set it beside him, the lights were flashing and a rapid alarm began blaring but behind the lead panel, the detector was quiet.  On and on she went but the funny thing was after making such a big deal about radiation and cancer, she brings in a chair and sets it beside Spencer for me to sit in!  "Hey, where's my lead glass panel?"  I had to laugh!  It was even funnier to see these students all trying to crowd in behind the panel.  One girl kept lining her back up with the edge of  the lead glass, trying really hard to make sure it didn't extend into the  'danger' zone!  I pretended to read my Nook as I laughed under my breath!


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