What a day

I don't even have to describe the kind of day you have when everything goes wrong.  We all have them.  I woke up Friday morning, with a definite plan, a tight schedule, connections to make and destinations to arrive at. 

None of that happened.  Nothing.  I'm suppose to be typing this from Reno, Nevada but instead we are in a shabby, last minute hotel, in the earliest hours of Saturday in Winnemucca.  Every time Sam and I were ready to leave on our trip, something would go wrong or need my attention.  

When I pulled in the driveway after running last minute errands, my driveway flooded with people in the neighborhood who needed to talk to me.  One neighbor was sick so I dropped off a treat for them.  One is moving so we said our last goodbyes.  One wandered over to see why I have so many people staying at my house.  (I've had my nieces and nephews and their friends staying with us all week and hanging around to babysit the house while we are gone.)

It took Sam and I nearly an hour to get the roof top carrier figured out.  It was incredibly irritating and I could feel my blood pressure rising.  

When we finally got on the road, we had to pull over twice to tighten and fix the roof top carrier.  I was so exasperated, I pulled over and we yanked it off and threw all our stuff in the back seat and got back on the road.  Spencer had taken the train to Salt Lake so I could just pick him up at the airport and jump on I-80.  We were already so late, I was worried he would be waiting forever for us to show up.  

Before we got back on the highway for a third time, I turned to Sam and I said, "Okay, this is not how the day is going to go.  We are not going to spend one more second being frustrated.  We are just going to go with whatever comes up.  I think people call it an ADVENTURE...We will adventure this afternoon."  I called Spencer and apologized but explained to him that a vacation is suppose to be restful and enjoyable, not strung out and stressed, which is what I was.  He was awesome and said, "Just whenever you get here is fine!  I like adventures." 

But...what a day it was.  It was just perfect in every way.  It was the kind of day when I knew, without a doubt that there is a God in Heaven and he knows where in the world we are and we haven't been far from Him.  

About two hours into our trip, my neighbor called and said, "Hey, A is on her way to Utah and the car just broke down.   She is at the Devil's Creek exit."  I was literally a mile from the Devil's Creek exit!!  I pulled off the highway and there they were, A and their 7 year old son, alone in the middle of nowhere!  It was 103 degrees.  I had their son go back to my car with Sam, where it was cool. My friend was on the phone to her insurance company arranging for a tow and I was checking the oil and fluid levels.   

She actually tried starting the car again and it started right up but the check engine light was on.  We were just 7 miles from a small town so I followed behind her to a repair shop.  We moved all their luggage into my very tiny car, and after about an hour or so, were back on the road to Salt Lake.  It was such a great trip.  We had so much to talk about and it felt really good to connect with her in ways we haven't been able to before, with our busy schedules. 

Her dad met us at the airport and drove up right behind me at the exact moment I pulled up to pick up Spencer.  We shuffled the luggage around and said goodbye.  Without a doubt in my mind, the day unfolded in exactly the way it was intended to.  If anything had of gone right today, I wouldn't have been able to serve her the way we did.  Spencer didn't mind the extra wait at all.

It made all the difference in the world to change our perspective and just roll with the moments. 

The boys and I made a lengthy stop at the Salt Flats, just outside of Wendover, NV.  It was my first time there and so amazing!  Spencer brought all his camera gear and took some amazing photos and video of Sam doing flips on the Salt Flats.  I can't wait until he downloads  them all and I can post them here.

As I watched them having fun, I thought of how my kids really are my best friends.  I thought of how everything around us right now is hard and worrisome, yet in spite of that, we had this beautiful day of knowing that God was aware of us, of my friend in her broken down car, of our need to be connected to each other; to Him.  We had so much time to talk and catch up with each other, and have deep and insightful conversations.  Many times, I heard the boys say, "Man, I wish Shelbie was here with us!"  We really are a team.  I'm glad that our trials and struggles have knit us together.  I don't think that would have happened quite the same, if life had been different for us.  I felt overwhelmingly blessed and content with my life. 

These boys of mine love each other and take such good care of Shelbie and I. We are lucky to have them in our life.

Since we have decided to make this trip a grand adventure, Spencer challenged us to lick the salt...We all did it!!  I only got proof of Sam but I'll post the picture Spencer took of me.  This was some adventure for a germ-a-phob such as myself!  

Selfie at the Salt Flats.


  1. Bahahaha!!! Licking the salt flats! Well, at least any germs probably can't easily survive the salt!


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