Surgery Day

What can you do with one hand?

Basically nothing...Just kidding. 

I was seriously unprepared mentally for this surgery.  I've had a fair share of major surgical procedures but this one caught me off guard.  I went into this thinking it was just a very minor thing, in fact embarrassed to even mention it.  In my mind, it was on the same level as a mole removal!!

Nope...not the same.  This is my new soft cast for two weeks.  It's not really soft though.  There's a hard plastic shell under all this cotton and wrap.  It goes from my elbow to fingers.

I was not one bit nervous about this even though the plan was to just do an arm block.  That was still what happened, sort of.

Technically, its called a Bier Block.  They force all the blood from your arm and prevent the blood from coming back with very tight tourniquets. Then, they flood the veins with Lidocaine.  It was excruciating pain and burning!! I was still so oddly calm but they gave me Versed in another IV and the next thing I know, they are asking me if I want Sam to come back.

It was only suppose to be a 20 min deal but it was just over an hour.  He removed a bony mass that had to be taken off nerves, tendons and then down into the joint of my wrist.  I cant even move my fingers without massive pain.

Anyways, so it goes.

It was very strange having the tables turned, with me being the patient and my kids looking on.  Sam drove me and hung out at the surgical center in Pocatello.  I used him as my point of contact.  As they were getting ready to take me back, they asked who I wanted making decisions for me if something happened.  I told them Sam could.

The color drained from his face!  It was hilarious.
"Like what decisions? I need to know what could happen!" He asked.
"If they have to amputate, leave me a stump."  I told him.  He lightened up a little and we carried on a little joking but I realized I left a lot for Sam to handle. 

The kids have been awesome and attentive.  We got home around noon and the house was spotless, the laundry was done, dishes done and a huge bouquet of roses sat on my nightstand.  They wouldn't let me do a thing.  Our neighbors brought dinner. Tonight, Sam drove me to work and helped me clean, then he and Shelbie went grocery shopping. 

I'm struggling with the amount of pain and feeling so sick.  It's also not easy for me to sleep and rest my arm when I have so much work to do so I can make money.  I'm sure it will take a few days before things turn around but that's fine. It could be worse. I'm going to continue my self imposed challenge to not rush the meaning of things and let God's purposes unfold in time.

Well, one finger typing is not fun...I am grateful to my sweet kids for their loving service today.  I'm so blessed...AND Spencer is coming home tonight so I'm excited to have them altogether again.


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