Monterey Bay

Hello from Monterey Bay, California where it's a smoky, 50 degrees.  Where kids play, and laugh and watch Seagulls soak their beaks in ranch dressing and swallow french fries whole, from the outdoor patio at Johnny Rockets and he's the happiest bird around. Where moms sit under the Cypress trees and watch the fun unfold.  Where moments happen on their own and talks of Christ, and hope and faith.  Memories are under construction and we reach for each other's heart and connect in ways you just simply can't do on any given day, even in the lazy warmth of a Summer day back home.   

This is a no, NO kind of trip.  No one is allowed to say no.  We say yes.  There is no schedule, no real plan, no expectations.  Without a doubt, we despair and get frustrated when what we expect doesn't meet our reality so this trip, no expectations and it's been great.  It takes a little effort because I was expecting an 80 degree beach day.  The 10 day forecast last week told me to expect that but it was 50 degrees with a chilly wind.  Once I could wrap my mind around the fact that no matter how much I wanted a warm beach, we weren't going to get it, the day was perfect in every way!

The kids loved playing at the beach stacking rocks in impossible ways.  So many life lessons learned and observed.  All of my kids are amazing photographers, it's kind of funny.  Here are a series of our top favorites from the day from each of the kids.  I don't have many from Spencer because he is on a film and digital phone. 



Sam and Shelbie proud of this rock stack they did.  We could seriously do this all day. 

My besties...Never have I loved anything more! 

Another rock stack.  It's our goal to stack something every day of this trip.  We'll see how it goes. 

Trolley Ride. 

Love this picture of Shelbie watching the otters.

Seal watching

Spencer in his element



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