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It's never simple

I don't even know where to start.  The past 36 hours have been among the most intense.

We headed to Boise Monday night for GI at St. Lukes all day Tuesday.  Our GI doc completely cleared out his day so all he had to focus on was us!  It was amazing and I was so grateful to him.  I will write more tomorrow.

It took so long to get everything done medically.

When we were finally through, we ran to the mall to get some back to school clothes for Sam.  He started school today.  Shelbie and I went one direction in H & M and the boys went another to find what they needed.

Shelbie and I were in one of the tight aisles...with Shelbie in a wheelchair because she has been having more heart problems and breathing issues so it was crammed.  There was a girl about Shelbie's age in the same aisle.  She was pretty intent on looking through the rack so I started to back out of the aisle.  Just as I did...this girl started contorting herself and speaking gibberish!  As I tried to figure out if she was talking to us or what, she went down...Hard!!  She fell against a rack of clothes and banged her head on the bar before hitting the back of her head on the metal bar at the bottom of the rack!

I didn't notice that her mom had been on the other side and as I ran to the girl, so did her mom.  We pulled her out from below the rack and she was clearly having a major seizure.  It was terrifying!!!

Her mom started to panic and I reassured her that I had dealt with many seizures before and she was going to be okay.  I hurried to find her pulse and kept my hand on it to monitor her heart rate.  She was breathing...sort of but still managing shallow breaths.  Her muscles in her legs and arms were seizing violently so we were trying to keep her still and from banging her head around.

At one point, she turned the darkest purple and her breathing stopped but her heart rate remained constant.  I wasn't sure if I should start CPR since she was pumping oxygenated blood so I was hoping that would be enough to keep her safe until the seizing stopped.

The other issue that I worried about was all her piercings.  She had several in her nose, septum and lips.  I was worried that pinching her nose would put more piercings in places she didn't want.  It would have been challenging to get a good seal around her mouth because of the jewelry.

At this point, while I'm contemplating what to do, her mom just freaked!!!  She was sure that she was dead.  I just remained calm and said, "She's not dead.  I promise. Do you know CPR?"  I asked.  I was hoping that she did because I'm sure this girl didn't want my germs anymore than I wanted hers.  If her mom knew CPR, I would have had her start rescue breathing.  She didn't.  Instead she yelled out for CPR help.  Shelbie had been trying to call 911 but she had no cell service in the store and she was trying to find a sales clerk to call. The she called out for CPR help too.

The entire store was in an upheaval.  The scary thing was, that the boys saw Shelbie crying and calling for help but they didn't see me.  They immediately thought I was dead.  It was just an intense and scary moment for the all of us.  This girls seriously looked dead, especially when the seizing stopped and she was just still and not breathing.

Eventually, she took a breath and resuscitation wasn't needed.  It was several minutes before this girl regained consciousness.   She was 24 years old and had just returned from Argentina where she had been living for two years.  Her mom knew very little of her latest health history like if she was pregnant, had any illness or disease.  I'm not going to lie...I'm kind of relieved I didn't have to do mouth to mouth but I would have.  I know I would have given it my best effort in order to save her.

It was a hard thing to do.  It was hard to see Shelbie so terrified because this girl appeared to everyone to be dead.   It brought back so many horrible memories of watching my own kids have seizures.

We still haven't processed the whole event.  Shelbie didn't sleep at all last night.  She is truly traumatized.

As we were driving home, I got a call that my grandma had passed away.  I couldn't believe it!!  It doesn't matter how old a person is, death is just not fun.  It's downright hard!

Needless to say, everything combined yesterday made for a very tough day.  Today, I just feel numb and tired and distant.   I'm pretty much exhausted and can't seem to focus.



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