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We are nearing the end of another tumultuous week around here.

I am exhausted.  Over the past two nights, I have only had about 4.5 hours of sleep.  Thursday, I had to drive to Kingdom Come, 2 hours away, for a business meeting...in a snowstorm! Needless to say, I have kept Pepsi in business over the past few days.

Last night, Shelbie decided we weren't having enough fun so decided to have an Asthma attack.  At least I think that's what it was!  I had just gotten to bed at 1:00am.
1:45 the light goes on in my room and Shelbie is starved for oxygen, stumbling to my bed.

She has had asthma since she was 6 years old but it was never that bad and only really affected her at night.  She seemed to have a harder time breathing at night.  The Pulmonologist called it Nocturnal Asthma.  It seemed like she grew out of that, if one can grow out of Asthma, so she hasn't taken meds for it in over 4 years at least.  Sometimes, it would act up in the day but nothing a couple puffs of Advair couldn't handle.

Thursday night was crazy!  It didn't help that I was so worn out and disoriented from lack of sleep, I had no idea what to do.
I kept thinking...I'll give her 5 more minutes to catch her breath and then I will call the ambulance
                        In 5 minutes, I will drive her to the hospital...
                        Has it been 5 minutes?....
So, indecisive.  Things finally turned around after about 10 min.  Maybe it was just a panic attack or something but can you have those in your sleep?  Just another weird thing.  We decided it would be best if she slept in my bed so I could keep an eye on her.  She was afraid to sleep. Another night without sleep!

Oh well...it's Friday.  The Weekend.  A chance to catch my breath.



  1. That sounds awful! You can have panic attacks in your sleep. I know my dad does anyway.


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