If we hold on together

29 Gifts Day 10.

My kids keep asking me when I am going to give them a gift.  I have had something special in mind for them for several days but it took me awhile to make it.

Today, I want to pay tribute to my kids.  They are my inspiration, my courage, my exponential faith.  They are what I consume my life with and I wouldn't want it any other way!  I often hear mothers say, when their kids are sick,"I wish I could trade them places."

I'm a coward.  I am not the kind of mother to say that.  There is no way I could handle the health problems that they handle and still get up everyday to challenge their dreams.  There is no way.  I would not want to trade them places.  I do, however, wish beyond wish that they didn't have to be sick in the first place.  NO one, should have to spend a lifetime struggling for good days to come.

We have experienced three amazing Wishes from Make A Wish.  Shelbie has recorded two albums, gone through a total of 1.5 years doing chemotherapy and runs a successful photography business in between plasma transfusion each month.

Spencer mastered snow boarding, skiing, skate boarding.  He challenged mountains and prevailed despite a broken back- twice!  He has no fear of the obstacles in his way...he moves them.  Now, he serves the Lord faithfully and does it while being sick 90% of the time but you will never hear him complain about that.

Sam is incredible.  He has trained day in and day out to jump tall buildings in a single bound.  Literally.  His parkour skills are amazing!  He flips off walls.  He doesn't let the fact that his bone marrow is only functioning at a mere 20% slow him down.  He lives with nearly chronic hives when he works out but that doesn't stop him either.

When they were little, this was our theme song- If We Hold On Together.  Every night, for years, I would play this song on the piano as they fell asleep.  The words describe perfectly our lives.

Chronic illness has stolen so much from us.  It has bent us, but we have not broken. Here's to my three, precious, one of a kind, ANGELS... I love you guys!



  1. Beautiful and fitting, Kath, thanks for sharing with us!

  2. So cool! You did a fantastic job! I love the song and all the people in that video! You guys are amazing!!

  3. I love the phrase at the end about remember as far as anyone else knows we are a normal family!


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