29 Gifts week 3 review

I can't believe that I am in my final week of 29 Gifts.  I am really anxious to write my final post on all my deep thoughts about this project.  For now...Here is this week in review!

Monday was day 17!  An amazing day!  To read more about this gift, you can go here  I just wanted to take some simple little daisies to the assisted living home.  When I realized I couldn't even afford little daisies at over $3 a stem, I left to come up with a different plan.  Before I got out the door, the lady asked what I was doing.  When I told her, she gave me 2 dozen roses!! For free!  I was so blessed.  The people at the assisted living home were so happy!  It was awesome.
Day 18 was just plain fun!  I had these tickets and wrote on them "Today is your lucky day".  I taped a dollar to the back and then the kids and I took them and taped them onto toys at the dollar store!!  When we got there, there was a mom with her three kids, intent on choosing a toy.  We handed them each a lucky ticket!  There eyes got so big but not as big as their mom's!  They were such a sweet and grateful family.  I realized that we don't really get to see people spontaneously happy do we?  We see people happy but not 'I won the lottery' kind of happy!  It's hard to believe that one dollar can put that kind of smile on a person's face but its true.  It doesn't take much at all!
 Day 19- This was an important one for me.  There is a mother and her daughter that have come upon some really crummy luck!  They are heroes as far as I'm concerned.  They live on the other side of the country so there isn't much I can really do to help them so I sent them a box of sunshine and caring!   Ya know, I have never met these two angels but I feel like I have always known about them!  They deserve a break!  I wish I could have given them a bigger break but with this went a lot of love and prayers!
 Day 20- This was a big on the corny side but I love surprises so corny or not...surprises are just awesome!  It's like finding a penny in the gutter when you were a little kid!  I made these little cards that said, "You're EXTRA special"  I taped a small package of Extra gum to it and then hid them among the books at the library!  I enlisted my kids in this one as well and we had a great time!  I love to see my kids excited and laughing! Good times!
 Day 21- This gift didn't really go as planned and I left feeling a little disappointed but then I realized that maybe it wasn't so bad.  I wanted to go to the animal shelter and play with the dogs and feed them treats.  It didn't occur to me that there might not be any dogs there.  There weren't, just cats.  I'm not really a cat lover, like at all but I couldn't resist their sad little eyes behind these bars!  The tiny room was full of girls playing with the cats.  Those girls were in Heaven.  One little girl was disabled with some obvious mental challenges.  I was more intrigued with the love she was giving those cats and what the cats gave back to her.  I realized that that was exactly what this project is about...giving and receiving, filling voids, spreading love...Abundance! So, it wasn't so bad!
 Day 22- I have always wanted to do this...surprise someone with pizza delivery!  I asked the server at Pizza Hut for a little help on this one.  I knew of a family, kind of new in town, they don't know me much, if at all.  I don't have any idea what made me think of them but I did.  I found their phone number and address.  I had the server call them to say they were delivering free dinner at 5pm!!  It was awesome!  They kept asking her who was buying them dinner and she kept saying, "I am not authorized to say."  I loved it!  I love that they will never know who loves them!  I wish I could have seen how excited their kids were to get a surprise pizza party!!!  Yay!!!  The server was so excited too and that in itself was awesome!
 Day 23- I have tried to include all different groups of people on this journey.  I had to do something for a teenager.  One of my favorite young women from church is turning 13 years old!  I really admire her.  I wasn't nearly as sharp when I was 13!  She is already so cool!   I wanted to wish her a happy birthday and give her some birthday advice for surviving the teen years...albeit...unsolicited!  ha ha...I tried to make it a little funny.  One of my favorite phases of parenting has been the teen years!  I have loved having teenagers, seriously.  It is such an incredible time in life to see them grow in character and decide who they are going to be.  It's exciting, scary and wonderful all at the same time!

There is one gift I had planned to do but it never materialized!  I really, really wanted to write a story for an elderly person.  I wanted to have them describe to me the best day of their life, with as many details as I could get, and then make that day come to life in a story for them!  I tried every single day to get a story going.  I have spent a lot of time this week at the assisted living center and I could not find one lucid person who could remember anything in their past.  I did have some funny experiences and learned a little bit about what it feels like to live in a nursing home.  I will have to keep trying for this one to work.

One good thing about my efforts is that I spent time with the lady I wrote about on Day 17, sweet Dona.  She is my new best friend.  She thinks I live there!  I have seen her so much and when she sees me, she holds my hand the whole time and we walk the halls.  She tells me how her purpose in life now is just to make people happy!

She is doing a great job because I always leave there happy!  She asks me when she will see me again, then stands at the door and waves to me as I drive away.  There is something special about Dona.  She is a gift to me.  I spend a lot of time alone these days, especially on the weekends but hanging out with Dona fills a void!! I'm glad that I met her!

Well, I have some awesome gifts planned for this coming week!  I am so excited about each one of them so stay tuned!


  1. Wow! These are all such AMAZING acts of service! I love it! You are so thoughtful and considerate Kathy.


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