Surprise from Colorado

On New Years Eve, I got a surprise phone call from Colorado!  Sister Wynne, the lady who did the charcoal painting of Spencer called me.  She said, after she Skyped with me on Christmas Day, she had a feeling that she just had to call me. She thought it was not necessary but the feeling got stronger and she couldn't ignore it.  She asked Spencer for my number and called.

She said, "I feel like there is something I need to tell you about Elder Goff and something you need to tell me about your son.  I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since Christmas!"

She told me that when Spencer moved into their ward, he was a nice missionary and could feel the love he had for serving the Lord but, something has happened in the just the last month that has been incredible.  She said she can hardly describe the change that has come over him.  Sister Wynne went on to explain how the area has been struggling for years and missionaries would come and go but nothing ever changed.  Finally, she said, the ward is coming to life.  Spencer has energized the people and they pray that Heavenly Father will allow him to stay there for a lot longer because such good things are happening.

I thought back to what was happening in our life about a month ago.  We had just gotten the new genetic news from Seattle.  To say I was upset was probably an understatement.  I was so overwhelmed.  I called my home teacher for a blessing that night.  It was a powerful blessing of comfort and assurance.  I was promised in that blessing that Heavenly Father was sending angels to surround Spencer and bless him.  After talking with Sister Wynne, I feel like perhaps that was the change she saw in Spencer, the peaceful, protecting power of Heaven.

She asked what she needed to pray for, for Spencer.  I didn't really know what to say.  She said that she felt there was something special about him.  I told her of his health struggles and the latest genetic issues.  I told her that I was worried how he took the news when I told him on Christmas day.  We had a great talk and she asked if there was anything she could do for me.  With my quivering voice on the verge of tears, I said, "Just give him a hug for me!"

I was amazed at the whole situation.  I didn't realize that I needed this confirmation from Heavenly Father, I wasn't even expecting it so I am surprised and caught off guard that it made such a big difference to me.  God really does give good gifts and blesses us in countless ways!

Spencer had his first baptism, an 11 year old boy which was the first baptism in the area in almost 3 years.   Here are a couple of pics from the mission field.

I miss that smile!



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