Well, I made it through half of this winter without falling on the ice...

Until today!  I had my first fall.  I also had my second fall.  Yes, I fell twice... on the ice... in the very same spot and both times with my cleaning tote in hand!  I wasn't quick enough to take a selfie of the disaster, but this picture is very similar to what I looked liked!  Just picture bottles of cleaning supplies scattered about!

 I couldn't see the solid sheet of thick ice lurking under the innocent dressing of fresh snow we have received today! Because I was on a sheet of ice, it was pretty comical trying to stand up!  I felt like all of a sudden, my limbs were 9' long...each! Gosh!

Of course, when you fall, you are simultaneously straining your neck to make sure no one saw you and then regardless of the broken limbs dangling from your body and the 3 or 4 snapped vertebrae, you are up like an all star in a boxing ring!  It all happens in under 3 seconds which makes you special.  It's so cool how you just bounce back up despite the searing pain in your butt!

You are super special, however, if you do it twice within 3 hours of each episode, in the same place!  It was like an instant replay! Apparently, I have some short term memory loss or I would have remembered the patch of ice!

It's all because today, despite the heavy falling snow when I woke up and left for work, I wanted to wear my cute shoes, not my practical boots. Lesson learned.


  1. sorry to laugh at the pain I"m sure it caused you, but I would have even laughed at myself! especially with the picture you posted! I'm sure you did it very gracefully! hope the pain is gone now though!


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