Second verse...

You would think that after two horrid weeks of nothing but nausea, Shelbie would be doing 100% better after finishing the extremely harsh set of pills to kill her bacterial infection.  You would think that in return for all that she sacrificed, things would be much better...well, they're not!

She finished her meds on Monday and she continues to be as sick as she was when I first took her to the doctors.  No change!  I called the pharmacist to see when we might expect to see improvement and he said we should have seen it the last few days of the meds.  He also said that the last few patients he has seen with H Pylori, they have not responded to the meds.  It seems to be some resistant strain to treatment!

I called our doctor next.  Of course, doctors tend to think they are important or something and have more security than the President of the United States.  It use to be that you could ask to speak to a nurse and that was usually do-able but now it seems you can't even do that.  I was a bit frustrated to be speaking to a secretary about something they have no idea about.  I had to tell her what was going on then wait for her to pull Shelbie's chart, read through it and then tell me that the doctor had noted that if she wasn't better after treatment, she would have to get care from a specialist!  She wouldn't even let me leave a message with the nurse.  She flat out said, "You'll have to take her somewhere else.  We can't care for her here."  I was so surprised by this response since I have never had problems like this at our clinic before!

I called our GI doc in Boise and again was stopped cold at the secretary.  To my wondering surprise, our actual doctor called me back within about 3 hours.  He confirmed that they are seeing many more cases of resistant H Pylori.  He needs a bunch of extensive testing done but we will need to see our local doc in order to get things rolling.  So, I'm frustrated and Shelbie just wants to be fixed.

I wish doctors could understand what it feels like to put up with attitude from secretaries and nurses. I wish they knew how gut wrenching it feels to hear, "You will have to find someone else to help you."  You're a doctor...HELP ME for crying out loud!  Have doctors reduced themselves to only treating strep throat and ear infections?    Who knows where we go from here...mostly, I'm just trying to get my wits about me and figure out what to do next.  Arghhhhh....

While I'm ranting...can I just say the next few weeks could prove to be hair raising as Obamacare comes into play.  I am already hearing horror stories from people who's policies are obsolete and the new policy is 65% more expensive than the one they privately carried!  A 65% hike on my policy would put us over $1000.00 a month in premiums which I pay for privately! I'm a little stressed...just a little.  Healthcare is really starting to grind on my nerves.


  1. oh no! I'm so sorry! I was thinking about her earlier actually and hoped she was feeling better! =( darn. Hope you can find some answers to help her feel better! Has Spencer been feeling better?


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