Prayers and Miracles

I have been in awe lately at the workings of God.  He's a pretty amazing guy and one day, I hope I will discover how He does what He does!   I have many people dear to my heart that need prayers and miracles and want to share a few stories here...but before I do...

Here is a Shelbie update...Still sick!  7 more days and counting of treatment.  Fluids helped a lot last week and got her through a really tough Saturday photo shoot.  She had to be at a wedding from 8am until 10pm.  I had to work until 4:30 Satureday but dashed down to a city about an hour from here to where she was.  She was going to have me take the photos of the reception.  Turns out, she was really pushing herself and was able to get through it all!  I was amazed at her strength!  Not only that, she was really blessed.  There is no other way she could have pulled that off but that a fleet of angels were watching over her.

You know what I love about other Christian religions?  They keep prayer journals and participate in prayer circles.  So often, I have had friends of other religions tell me they have added our family to their prayer roll, or journal.  I so appreciate that!  Prayers, no matter where they come from, changes things!  Once, when I was really sick and my parents were serving a mission in Thailand, I had my own congregation of Nuns praying for me! I think that is so neat!   So, I asking everyone reading my blog this week, to  participate in some miracles!  Are you up for that?  All that requires is that you take a minute or two to pray for some dear people who really need a break from the fear and sickness.

1.  This is my dear friend Damen!  I actually know Damen.  Well, I am good friends with his mom.  Damen was hit with an autoimmune disease just 6 years ago that completely destroyed his liver!  He was fortunate to receive a liver transplant back then.  Well, today, he is suffering from chronic rejection,  and the autoimmune disease is back, destroying his new liver!  He is married now and has a beautiful wife and a 6 month old daughter.   Damen has always had a cheerful attitude and bright countenance and has done so much to give back!  His wife is amazing!  She has been working full time as a nurse, being a mom and taking care of her very sick husband.  They work hard but things are becoming too much and they really need a  little help!

Damen will be needing another transplant but before he can be placed on the list, he has many hurdles to jump like, removing his colon due to disease and he is currently fighting a horrible infection, seriously, the worst infection.  He has been in the hospital for three weeks!

His family and friends are hosting a fundraiser that consists of an online auction and a yard and bake sale this weekend!  If you have a service, or items you could donate, would you consider contacting me or the family and help out?  If you aren't able to do that, please include this sweet family in your prayers.  They could really use a break and honestly, some miracles.

Here is a the link for their Facebook page  and a link to their blog so you can get to know them better!

Next is my internet friend Alisa.  I have never met Alisa but I have been following her blog for some time.  I do however, know her brother and sister in law.  I love this family, the whole extended family!  Alisa has been dealing with Melanoma!  The worst kind of cancer to have if you ask me.  She is young and vibrant and has a beautiful little family.  Today she is undergoing surgery to remove a large tumor from under her arm.  Please pray for her.  Pray that the treatments will work and she will finally be rid of cancer and able to be home with her husband and boys!

I have two very good friends who were both hit with pancreatic cancer this summer.  One was a teacher to all three of my kids and the other is a woman who, along with her husband did so much to help me when my kids were just diagnosed with Shwachman Diamond Syndrome.  They were so loving and supportive and have served the good people of Africa on a mission for the LDS church.  They had us over countless times for dinner, Christmas and even watched my kids for me when I wasn't coping very well.  I love these special women.  I don't think pancreatic cancer has to be a life sentence...Many people do survive...I am praying for their safety through treatment and into remission.

Well, that's my prayer list for this week.  Please consider the power of prayer.  I know without a doubt that it chases fear away and leaves in it's place peace and postcards from Heaven!!