As our world spins...wildly out of control...

Just kidding!  It's spinning alright and I felt a little queasy on Monday and Tuesday but things are humming along now.

Heard from Spencer on Monday.  He sounded a bit discouraged.  He has a companion that isn't interested in training him or working so that has him frustrated.  He wants to be on the go.  Aside from that, he is sick with all the GI stuff but has had a respiratory infection as well to complement things.  Since we can only communicate through email once a week, I don't know if he has made it to the hospital for testing and what the results were.  That had me all wound up and in a dither on Monday.  He hasn't received any of the packages I sent which upset me as well.  The most important of them had his Medic Alert bracelet in it which would be really handy for when he goes to the hospital.

It's pretty crazy trying to do all this from a distance when communication is less than desirable.  I just have to keep reminding myself that it will all work out.

Shelbie still hasn't been able to start her medication for her bacterial infection.  We are trying to ween her off the Citalopram which causes a drug interaction with the new stuff.  Needless to say, by late afternoon, she is pretty sick and nauseated.  It's all wearing on her.   I am hoping to get things started in the morning.  She didn't take any of her usual meds tonight so we'll see.

That's the news from our neck of the woods.  It can always be worse...

I have a very dear friend who is fighting for his life in a Utah hospital right now.  He is in a very precarious situation with liver failure and a pre-cancerous colon and infection running rampant.  Please remember him in your prayers.  There comes a point when a miracle is what it will take and he really needs one right about now.  He has a sweet wife and a new baby daughter and they need their daddy and husband.  There is no doubt in my mind that prayer works, especially the combined prayer and faith of many.  I know I appreciate so much, the prayers that are offered for us, regardless of the religion or faith from which they come.  To me, all prayers come from the heart to the same God.



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