A first...

Tonight, we experienced our very first Asthma attack.  I'm talking full blown, can't breathe, loss of vision, dizzy, asthma attack.

We've had near attack moments but nothing like this one.  Spencer had been at the gym tonight, just like he is every single night.  He was with a friend and they decided to jog home.  I would say the gym is only about 5 blocks, maybe a bit more but not miles by any means.

Spencer flew in the front door and stumbled into the kitchen!  His friend was close behind.  I was thinking they were just goofing off and made some wise crack like, 'Hey mister fitness gasping for air, can't handle the fun?"  Something stupid anyways until I realize he is scrambling to get his rescue inhaler and then I felt really stupid.  He was so short on oxygen, he had lost part of his vision halfway home.  The room was spinning and he could not get air moving.

You hear of people dying from asthma and I have never really been able to understand that but I think tonight, I get it.  At least a little more than I did.  It's strange though because Spencer really is extremely fit, I mean if you can classify a kid with bone marrow failure and mitochondrial disease as fit.  He's got some serious muscles on that tiny frame. You wouldn't think 5 blocks would do him in nor would you think that after living with asthma for 15 years, we would have experienced an attack sooner than this.  I guess we've been doing a good job of managing things but this came from out of the clear blue.

Sadly, I wasn't a very effective nurse.  Outside of the rescue inhaler, I really had no idea what to do for him and I didn't know at what point you have to obtain emergency care.  I guess I have some homework to do.  We both do.  I think that maybe this was a wake up call that he needs to carry his rescue meds with him at all times, especially when he leaves on his mission.  He will be biking up steep mountain roads and needs to know how to take care of himself.  So, even though it was a tad scary, it was a blessing in disguise.  We will be a little better prepared now.



  1. scary! glad he had something at home though. super scary feeling I bet. hope he's okay now!


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