It's been surprisingly quiet around here.  I hardly want to say anything for fear I jinx our current path of calm.

Shelbie and Spencer had their Rheumatology appointments yesterday followed by tons of blood work and tons of x-rays at the hospital.

Yesterday was just a weird day altogether.  It started while at the doctor's.  Instead of being able to see the doctor for the first visit, we had to see the PA.  I like the PA but he is not as thorough as the doctor is.  He doesn't ask any questions.  None!  He just relies on the patient telling them everything which seems reasonable but for us at least, there are lots of things we don't mention that could be relevant but we just don't know unless they ask like carotid artery murmurs.  

Seriously, unless I had been told by the Cardiologist that the murmur is likely due to vasculitis which is an auto immune disease and falls under the umbrella of rheumatology, I never would have brought it up.  At one point he even said, "Getting a diagnosis for your kids all depends on you and the information you give us."  Well, no pressure there!

After examining Spencer, he left the room for quite some time.  He came back in and began looking at Shelbie.  We talked some and then he left the room again before examining her.  He was gone probably 20 minutes.  When he came back, he said, "Okay, I never do this but I'm going to do it today.  I would like you to please go through my notes and make sure I haven't made any mistakes and go ahead and add in anything you think is pertinent that I didn't include.  I just ask that you don't mess with anyone else's notes."

I actually started laughing!  I didn't think he was serious!  Then he turned to Shelbie and said, "Your job is to make sure she doesn't mess with anyone else's chart."  What in the world??  He was dead serious, pulled up Spencer's information on the computer and left the room! I'm not even kidding!!

Wow!  I had a half a page of notes I had written, things he had totally screwed up on with Spencer.  Like he said his joint pain was a 2/10 when it is really a 7/10.  Little things, but they make a huge difference in their quality of life.

He was miffed that I had found so many things wrong with his notes and so many things to add.  He then opened up Shelbie's chart and had me do the same thing.  He kept leaving the room.  It was bizarre and weird.  Never has this happened before.

We were there over 3 hours!

Then, we went to the hospital for x-rays at 6pm last night.  I am just waiting in the hall for the kids to have their testing done and this nurse, a total stranger, comes up to me and asks if I would mind testing their new MRI machine?  I'm looking around like she's talking to the nobody standing beside me, my shadow or something. She's right in my face and I say, "Me?" as I look around.  Duh!  Of course she was talking to me but what a weird question!  I didn't know what to say and I was tired and not feeling well at all so rather than say, No, heck NO. I hate being shoved in a tube unless I am adequately sedated with Valium, I said, "OKAY"!

Me and my big mouth!  So, I ended up in the MRI room being strapped down to the table and then they want to try out the head halo on me so they strap on this contraption over my head, throw on some headphones and push me inside the tube!  Not even joking here people! I couldn't figure out if I was asleep in some wacky dream, if I had died and gone to medical Hell or if this whole day had actually happened!

What a weird day!  I tell ya, there is never a dull moment around here, even on the dullest of days!

Oh, here is some exciting news! Sam has been granted his wish!  More to come...I am trying to figure out a way to surprise him with the news...any ideas?  Shhhh, he doesn't even think he will get one before Spencer leaves so it's a big secret!



  1. Well it's good you got to go through and correct all his mistakes. I couldn't be in one of those machines either. I'm so claustrophobic I can't even have a blanket near my face. ANd yay for Sam! I'll try to think of something, what did he wish for? I"ll have to come over and chat with you guys soon!

    1. Tanya, he wished to ride the biggest, fastest, baddest roller coasters in the USA. His first choice was Disney World, his second was the place in Ohio and the third was 6 Flags in California. He is going to Disney World.


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