It was bound to happen

Well before I get into the story of today, I am relieved to say that Spencer's murmur is a benign one which is awesome!  That's the good news!! The bad news is, the symptoms are not gone and it's back to the drawing board to figure out what is happening to him! Ugh.  But, we are use to this kind of thing right? Right.

So, in other news.  I have quite possibly turned into a germophobic freak.  Even a little OCD ish.

This morning, Shelbie had surgery to remove her wisdom teeth. It was done in the office of an oral surgeon.  When we first met with him, he was afraid to use general anesthesia because of her complex health situation. Today, he decided when he watcher her break out into hives because of anxiety that he would keep the anesthesia simple and put her under.  This meant they had to start an IV.

So, he started trying to thread the IV and that's when I went kind of crazy.  He kept pulling it in and out, over and over trying to get it to thread. This went on for easily 5 minutes. Each time, it dragged along her skin and all I could think about were the germs off her skin's surface being pushed into that puncture with every in and out movement.  He gave up on that and pulled it out.  I assumed that they would get a new IV catheter to try again but the nurse wiped it down with an alcohol pad and handed it back to the doctor!

At this point, I thought I was going to pass out.  It wasn't even a clean alcohol pad, it was a pad they had used to clean off her skin!  I'm not usually a very vocal person to say something when I don't agree with what is happening, I tend to be more passive aggressive and complain about it for days later.  This time, Shelbie's health was at stake so I spoke up and said, "Would it be a problem to use a new catheter just because of her compromised immune system?"  The doctor said, "No, we can do that." Omg...I felt like I was going to pass out.

The second and third tries were more of the same kind of thing.  I just had to bite my tongue.  Once the IV was in, I watched the nurse put her sterile gloves on and she put them both on but then peeled the right hand off so it was inside out and then put it over her left glove!  That means all the germs on her hand were now on the outside of the glove, the hand she would use to assist the doctor and probably stick in Shelbie's mouth!!  Again, the room started spinning and I new I had to leave before I went postal on this nurse.  Thankfully at this point, Shelbie was out so I knew she wouldn't miss me.

When we were getting ready to leave, the nurse just pulled the IV straight out.  She didn't apply any pressure so blood just gushed everywhere!!  She grabbed a gauze pad and wiped the blood off the arm of the recovery bed and then put it dirty side down on her IV site to apply pressure and stop the bleeding.  Seriously, I wanted to claw myself right out of that room, through the sheetrock, brick and all....

I could go on and on about all the things I have a hard time with now when it comes to germs.  I won't use public pens.  I won't touch magazines that have been touched by someone else.  I hate touching money and prefer to use my debit card.  The list is long and lengthy.

I think I have been conditioned lately to worry about germs...C-Diff, Cellulitis, Neutropenia...I seriously might need to be medicated.  Today gave me so much anxiety, I am still wired.

I will say that despite the fact that the nurse didn't meet my standard of sterility, she was very nice, super nice and the doctor was awesome.  He was able to remove all 4 wisdom teeth in whole pieces instead of having to break them apart.  I appreciated his skill in doing that.

As for Shelbie, she is in all the expected pain and discomforted but she is being so brave.  I hope she does okay.  One of the teeth was growing into the nerve of her jaw.  He warned us that this can be a tricky situation because it can cause permanent nerve damage when they extract the tooth.  Time will tell....

I need this week to end...the sooner the better.



  1. OH MY GOSH! YOu should have said something! I hope nothing happens to Shelbie from her lack of sterilizing every thing the right way! geez!


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