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A tangled web

In keeping with the theme of our life, we find ourselves again in a bit of a mess.  We met with the surgeon bright and early this morning.  We went back and forth on all the possible diagnosis and we are still looking at gastric emptying disorder which means, his stomach, which is a muscle just doesn't contract and move food through which results in a lot of pain, cramping ,nausea and diarrhea which are all the symptoms we have been dealing with. 

Inflammation is still another possible problem, meaning ulcerative colitis or chrohns.  Then again, we could be dealing with irritable bowel syndrome but there is no real testing for that and most often the cause is an overreaction and sensitivity to gastric hormones.  To start the testing for any of them would be in the neighborhood of $5000.00 so he suggested we start the treatment he gives all his Crohns patients. 

We started a trial run of that this morning and will stay the course for two weeks.  If after two weeks we see no improvement then we start all the testing.  He is hopeful that this will do the trick.  I am still doubtful.  He said the effects should be fairly quick if it's going to work.  So far, today has been slightly better but he hasn't eaten since breakfast either so that explains that.

So, now for the tangled part.  As the surgeon reviewed the blood work from Monday, he noticed that Spencer's Calcium levels are super elevated...not good.  He said, "Wait a minute, we gotta run more testing to figure out what's going on, it's not good to let this go."  There is basically only one cause of hypercalcemia and that is a disorder of the parathyroid glands. 

Sheesh!! I hated to ask but I did anyway..."The parathyroid gland only gets hyper active when there is cancer present or a benign tumor right?"
"Right!" he said "And, interestingly enough, stomach pains and nausea, along with diarrhea and bone pain can be the prominent symptoms of hypercalcemia."

We had to go to the hospital late this afternoon for more testing.  We will find out next week if he will need surgery to explore the parathyroid glands and remove them.  What a mess!!

Thankfully, I had a day that was scheduled with meetings and jobs back to back.  I had about 10 min between cleaning a 6000 sq. ft. house and another job to run home and check on Shelbie then I was off and running again and now, at 9:00 just barely sat down so I haven't had much time to let my mind process everything. 

Now that I am mulling over all this news, it will be challenging to keep my head out of the worst case scenarios.  I just hope it can all be fixed. 


  1. I also hope it can all be fixed Kathy! Be strong.. I will be praying for you!


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