Shocking!  One word to describe the round of testing yesterday for Shelbie at University of Washington Medical Center.  They were testing the peripheral nerves in her legs and arms.  Every few seconds, they gave her a shock on various places of her arms and legs then watched on a computer how her nerves reacted.  Good News!!! They are fine! 

Bad news...the problems must be coming from her brain or spine.  Booooo..... So, the next step is a brain and spine MRI.   I'm not sure when or where we will do that but we should know soon.  Both her and Spencer are having little seizures in the muscles and nerves of their lower legs which is a little odd, a lot odd. 

We left Seattle yesterday in a downpour then got stuck on Snowqualmie pass in a blizzard.  3 lines of traffic, bumper to bumper and the fastest we ever went was 20 mph which was actually a good thing.  I hate driving on icy, snowy roads when you have some wacko passing at 80 mph.  so it really wasn't the most stressful part of the trip. 

Once off the pass, we had more rain.  The rain was so hard visibility was horrible and I had to keep my speed down.  It took us an extra couple of hours to get to my parents because of the weather.  We are going to stay here through the weekend.  It's been a good stop.  The kids are relaxing and distracted and they really needed a break before heading back to school on Monday.


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