The past few night have been so rough!  It happens now and again, the kids, Shelbie especially, starts questioning her time left on earth and I am hammered with all sorts of questions like how will I live without her, what if all the kids die at once, then I will be alone.  "What if all this talk of life after death is just a hoax?" What if... and but, but, but. It becomes exhausting and after nearly two hours of answering her questions, reassuring her that she is not dying, promising her that things will work out...she calmed down.  It's usually well after midnight before everyone is settled down for the night.  Thankfully, Spencer was backing me up with his comedic antics and trying to lighten the very, heavy, somber feeling!

Sam, out of the blue, spiked a fever this week and was miserable so all this talk of death and dying was not sitting well with him.  After getting everyone sufficiently comfortable, on the living room floor because they needed to sleep together, again...(The only reason we have bedrooms in this house is so they have a place to dump their clothes and shoes.  If I would let them, they would sleep together every night of their life.) I fell into bed myself. 

It has been such an exhausting week and in the mix is a ton of work I need to get done for all these little jobs I have acquired the past two weeks.

Looking at the events of the last two weeks, there is no doubt this has been a 'scheduled intervention' from Heaven.  I have gotten 4 design jobs in the last two weeks.  I thought, "Great, I almost have enough money to pay my bills without taking most of it from my dwindling savings."  I should know better than to assume I could actually get ahead.  Whenever I come into a little bit of money, some crisis or disaster hits and I continue to chase the dream of being self sufficient. On the other hand, I can see how God has prepared me for this and blessed me accordingly so I hardly have room to complain. 

Today, we sit in the hospital.  Shelbie's transfusion just got underway and she is resting comfortably for now.  Sam made it to school today though his cough is still pretty bad and Spencer is hanging in there.  The new Crohn's medication is actually helping him with his pain but the nausea is still hanging in there.  We did get some of the tests back and his lipase level is abnormally low and I have yet to find out what this means.  It's significant since he takes lipase in his pancreatic enzymes whenever he eats food so it's odd that it is so low.

This weekend, I will be swamped with work that needs to be done before we leave for Seattle so as they say...No rest for the wicked.



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