Less than patient

Things have sort of gone from bad to worse on this 'fun' little getaway.  Tuesday, Shelbie started throwing up...throwing up like crazy, every hour all evening and all night.  Yesterday, she stayed in bed all day with nausea and pain but her eyes seem a little better.  I was going nuts trying to keep clorox on anything she touched so that it doesn't just spread through the whole house.

Last night, Sam was feeling sick and I lost my patience.  I felt really bad because they thought I was mad that they were sick.  I wasn't mad that they were sick, I am just so sick of never having a day without worry or complaint.  It's just getting so old.  I seriously can't remember the last time we just had a fun time without anyone being sick, without being poor...It's so frustrating.

I think Sam had heat stroke.  He played all afternoon on the river and it's super hot here.  By 9:00pm his face was still flushed and hot and he was weak and exhausted.  It took me over an hour to get the two kids comfortable so they could hopefully sleep. 

Today, maybe we can get through without any problems but to be honest, I am sort of done expecting good things to happen. I think it may be better to just expect problems and if things turn out differently then great.


  1. Oh man I'm so sorry! I think you guys deserve a break too.

  2. Oh that sounds awful!! Hope they get better soon! Sorry this happened on your trip. :(


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