I really wanted to post Shelbie's talk that she recorded for the Butterfly Guild Fundraiser that took place in Seattle February 26th but I can not get it to upload.  I guess it's my dumb computer, of course it's not me, I'm so smart when it comes to this kind of stuff! ha, ha.  I will keep trying to figure that out.

In other news, today was a better day.  I am feeling better on all fronts.  I made it to the temple tonight and a 45 min. workout so I am a happy camper.  I was also spoiled by another friend today who provided pizza for dinner.  I don't know where I would be without all the caring friends, all the prayers and all the people who love us!

I had a lengthy conference call with Dr. Shimamura this afternoon and my 'wasband' (I don't like the term 'ex-husband') Dr. S has arranged for our family to be number one priority with one of the Nation's top Biochemical Geneticists.  Ya, this is a big deal! Biochemical Geneticists are few in numbers and specialize in studying large groups of people with similar symptoms and use this information to discover new diseases.  At least this is how I understand it so don't quote me.  They use the DNA from these large groups to assess similarities in their genetic makeup.  Dr. King, our new Biochemical Geneticist believes that she can utilize her methods of research to study very small groups, like our family.  After some serious consideration and with the help of Dr. Shimamura, Dr. King has consented to study our little family.  Not only that, but she has offered to make us her first priority and is going to do it all at no cost to us or our insurance company!   Without the generousity of these great doctors, there is no way we would ever in this life or the next be able to afford this kind of help. 

Over the next couple of weeks, the kids' dad and myself will need to send our DNA and then the work will begin.   They already have the kids samples.  I am excited but nervous too.  I'm afraid of all the genetic problems they are going to discover in me yet it will help find better and safer treatments for my kids.


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