In the Hood

There's no Hood like Motherhood...or so they say. 

Another day of honoring all mothers is upon us, mothers of all sorts, in all situations. We are a little village of caregivers who love and serve in all capacities whether for our own children or the children, men and women around us.  Beyond my own mother is a line of strong, loving women who have shown care to me, some, I've never even met, some who are the least expected.

I am blessed to have a sweet mother who taught me many things but the gift of her mothering I have reflected upon the most recently is her resilience and perseverance which she passed on to me.  We got off to a rocky start, her and I.  She was diagnosed with Cancer very soon after I was born and I was, of course born with a congenital defect in my hips and legs which would prove to be more than a mother with cancer and two other toddlers, could manage. I'm grateful that she did all she could to ensure I would be cared for by grandmothers and other family members until we could be together again. 

So, mothering is hard stuff.  We have to be brave and courageous.  Hearing the sound of our own breaking heart becomes the soundtrack of life in the hood.  Not that there aren't plenty of  happy moments rolling, by but life happens and watching life happen to the ones we care so deeply for, can wrench our little mama heart. 

I'm so glad I was given the chance to be a mother.  I have so many friends who haven't had the same privilege and my heart aches for them.  I look at my kids, and although I have fallen short in so many ways, I think they turned out okay.  Last night, Sam and his girlfriend surprised me at the end of a very long day where I was working at a floral shop, helping a friend with the Mother's Day rush. They took me out for a late dinner.  Sam asked what the best part of being a mother was.  Without hesitation, I said, "It's just been so fun." 

We have had so much fun growing up together.  I don't imagine I have taught them nearly as much as they have taught me.  While we can never be too sure what the future holds, I hope we have many more years of growing old together. 

Friday would have been my 28th Anniversary, but instead of celebrating that number, it's been 14 years, also this week that I have been on my own.  It's weird that both my wedding date and divorce date happened on the weekend set apart to honor motherhood.  It's an irony that gets me every time but that is a commentary for another day. 

Happy Mothers Day


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