Shout out to Nigeria

One thing you may not know about blogging is, you get a lot of spam!  You get a lot of traffic that can not be justified.  For example...This week, I acquired over 1000 new friends from Nigeria, in addition to my closest 3000 readers in Russia.  I had no idea 1000 people in Nigeria had such an interest in our family and Dyskeratosis Congenita but apparently so. 

Yesterday when I asked for prayers, I'm certain these new 4000 friends or so answered my plea and things should start turning around soon.

Probably not, actually, because today, they all left my blog.  You know your life is more than even strangers can stand, when the hackers and spammers run away from you!  We have our own built in internet security, forget McAfee!  We've got me!  My life sucks the fun out of even strangers lives, I mean that's great! 

These hackers are notorious for blog stealing and identity theft, but they read one entry on this blog and they fled.  So, if nothing else, there's that.  I probably don't have to worry too much about someone stealing my blog or wanting to be me...although there has been a renegade or two in the past who still thought my life was better than their's. 

So, we'll see.  I'm sure sad to see my friends from Nigeria and Russia just leave me high and dry like that.  I thought we had something special going on.   Good friends are hard to come by!  The going gets tough and they are...

Peace OUT!!


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