Mamma Bear

I've been letting things ride with the GI department at the University of Utah after losing our GI doc.  I was hoping they would step up and do the right thing without me having to create waves.  It seemed like the Doc they gave us temporarily was going to hang in there with us but as of yesterday, that is clearly not the case. 

They did find us another GI doc but at a satellite clinic 45 minutes away from the hospital.  How ridiculous.  I've worked way too hard to get our team of doctors all in one place to have one 45 minutes away.  There are many occasions when one kid will be at Pulmonology while another or two are at Cardiology and GI.  All the clinics are on the same floor of the hospital and I can bounce between them all if needed.  I can't do that 45 minutes away and it just means more wasted time on clinic days. I'm not settling for this, but I am also too tired to keep fighting.

Sadly, they won't even deal with me, they keep calling Spencer directly and he immediately calls me..."Mom, the hospital called and they said..." he is trying to work, trying to manage his failing health and he really doesn't want them to keep calling him but they refuse to deal with me, even though Spencer signed the release of information.  Anyways, I see some enemies in my very near future.

We have three more days of peace and quiet before the insanity of February hits and our endless appointments...Starting Monday, I see my kidney doc and I just know that is going to lead to numerous follow up appointments.  I received the written report from my CT Scan the end of last week and they found a suspicious spot on my liver and and my pelvis has multiple calcified stones inside the veins, similar to kidney stones.  There were too many for the Radiologist to count.  This doesn't really sound good to me.  I think I'm just going to need to find me an Internist because this has gone beyond a simple UTI they keep telling me I have, yet antibiotics has yet to change my labs.

Tuesday, Shelbie follows up on her broken finger...Anyone want to bet on the outcome of that?  I'm guessing it's still broken, probably no change but at the same time, I'm hoping to be surprised. 

Wednesday and Thursday we are in Salt Lake and there weekly, all the way into March! Ugh.

So, that's where we are at.  I know in my soul that we are in for some strange twists in our story over the next few weeks.  It has me a little anxious. I wish I could hire someone to start fighting these battles for me.


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