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The words you speak become the house you live in // #empoweredyoganw #empoweredkris:

This week has been sponsored by 'Words'.

Words that cut.
Words that question.
Words that appease.
Words that mean nothing.
Words that mean everything.
Words that bind, keeping a person in their place.
Words that crush.
Words that injure.
Words that lie.
Words that roll easily off the tongue without looking back.
Words that nick and mar as they stumble out and upon.
Words that are wild with anger.
Words that burn.
Words that ache and words that offend.
Words that are sad, crushing and confused.
Words that once spoken, will never be forgotten.

But then, when the words had all been said and what was done had been done...

There were other words.

Words that mended.
Words of truth.
Words to  heal.
Words of meaning.
Words that connect.
Words that build.
Words so softly spoken.
Words that came out of nowhere from forgotten friends.
Words to soothe and repair the broken spirit.
Words to knit a person back together.
Words to resuscitate, remedy and renew.
Words to encourage.
Words to restore peace, even if just for one moment; to steal away the words that left such stinging residue.

Words are powerful and never as temporary as we often believe they are.  Words leave their mark; marks which may fade but will never be forgotten.

I have witnessed both sides of words this week.  I have seen spoken words runaway with a fire to ignite what little was left in a broken soul. I have seen the love of strangers, armed with words she almost believed.  If nothing else, maybe for a scarce moment, she could see how she was deserving of better, instead of settling for bad.

And that's been my week.  And it's so very, very sad how easily we fabricate new versions of each other with the words we speak with such little regard and thought. So, those closest to your words, pick them up,  think they hold precious truths but they are merely words of lies and you are no longer who you thought you were, but now an image of unflattering words and you have no say...that is how you will be remembered.  Is there anything quite so sad?



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