Proof there is a God

Okay, this is another health insurance rant...because, why not?  I feel like ranting this week and it just so happens that this week is all about how to drive me crazy.  The best way to do that, is mess with insurance and medical bills.

Yesterday...I got our EOB for Sam and Spencer from their immunology appointment on May 12th.
Here is a picture of one EOB...for one child!  There is another one coming...

This is my reality...$7,248.37 is what our medical expenses are for Spencer for one month!! I will be getting a matching EOB on Samuel soon for close to the same amount since they both had the same tests done at Immunology.  Over $14,000 for the two of them alone in one month!! Not only that, even with bills like this, I still have $3000 more dollars to pay before I have reached my out of pocket maximum and insurance starts paying 100%.

It takes me just over 4 months to make $14,000.   In 6 weeks, Samuel will be costing me an additional $10,000-$13,000 a month for the rest of his life as he starts plasma transfusions.  If any one of them decides to move out of network...we will lose coverage until open enrollment time.

Are you overwhelmed with these thoughts?  Me too.  Everyday, I worry about the day I can't afford to keep this up either because I can't work, run out of work, lose insurance or the very real fear that insurance will become completely unaffordable.

Having a chronic, life threatening illness is expensive in every way.  It's demands a toll be paid that you don't have financially, or emotionally. all the math that doesn't add up, we find GOD.


These tests and the billing was done exactly 36 hours before Samuel lost his insurance.  36 hours is not very long.  One day...if his appointments had of been just one day later, this bill would likely be 100% out of pocket.

So, I am feeling blessed in a small and mighty significant way.  I have all the faith in the world that God can continue working miracles like this.  My faith waivers in myself; my own ability to put all I have in the Lord.  To trust that somehow, it will all work out.  To trust that maybe I can work 16 hour days even though 14 is killing me.  God never seems to make it easy but he always seems to make it work.



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