Borrowed Trouble

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Had another small blow to our stability this week...after the insurance debacle with Sam, I got a letter from our insurance company, yesterday, to say they will no longer be servicing us as of January 2018. They are pulling out of the exchange.  Their reason is that it is not profitable for them to serve individuals.

At first I felt my blood pressure rising and my anxiety edging into panic but then I caught myself.  Open Enrollment is still 5 months away and lots can happen in 5 months.  I have been with Bridgespan since 2015 because they were the only company I could afford, even on the exchange.

I was listening to some podcast about a couple who was complaining about not being able to 'Invest' in healthcare...what exactly does that mean?  If I invest in something, I expect to get a return, bigger than what I started with.  I must be 'investing' in the wrong insurance company because I am in the red by $25,000 with my 'healthcare' investment.

I don't want to get political and poor me but seriously...I feel like Washington has no clue what it feels like to do this day in and day out.  I work harder and longer than any man I know.  I don't use public assistance of any kind and yet the ACA and the new plans Trump and his chimps are churning out for a revised healthcare are completely out of reasonable reach to a family like us.

I can't go get a full time, normal job because of the situation with my kids and even if I could, the employers aren't offering benefits.  That leaves an individual having to scrounge up some insurance- on the exchange.  Now companies are bailing from that because it's not lucrative so it's a vicious circle.  What is a person like me suppose to do?  Without the exchange,  I will be looking at premiums for my high risk family over $1000 a month with a $13,000-$15,000 deductible.  I work 14 hours days, even when my kids are sick or in the hospital. I can't work any harder than I do.  I am taxed a regular tax and a self employment tax and that adds up to about 30-35%.   It feels like a no win and I'm not sure what the answer is.

I heard someone say last week, "There's no sense borrowing trouble from tomorrow." That's a pretty true statement!  So, I'm going to adopt that mantra for now.  We have plenty of trouble today.  

I've been going to the gym faithfully everyday.  It helps me get rid of some restless energy.  I have to laugh at the warning sign on the machines...I feel pain, faint, dizzy and short of breath just getting myself out of bed in the morning.  I really should consult a physician about the dangers of waking up every day!  Especially if I wake up with a 'Quick Start'!

There's my feeble attempt at humor today.

Anyhow...Sam seems to be improving.  I've been thinking about the plan to keep him on antibiotics indefinitely and I don't think that is going to work very well.  He's my child who gets C-Diff at the drop of a hat so that much medication will kill his already shredded GI tract.  That will be something to sort out when we get to the doctor's appointment for follow up.



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