Weekend Update

This has been a memorable week!

Tuesday we had a little neighborhood action.  Strangely enough, I was home from work early and I noticed Police officers milling around but that happens every now and again so I didn't think much of it but then I noticed a couple of people wandering around, then a few more so I went out to see what was going on.  A 10 year old girl was missing.   As I got closer to the police officers and the father of the girl, I realized that I knew the father but didn't realize he had moved in down the street two weeks ago.

I talked to him briefly and then followed them back to the main road where more police officers were gathering.  Me, along with a few other neighbors stood back as the police gathered around one of their cars and talking on the radio.  More people gathered and more chaos started to ensue with all the extra bodies standing around so I approached the officers and suggested that perhaps they could tell us all how to help.  I also asked if anything had been posted on Social Media to which they responded, "No.  Can you do that for us?"

"Okay.  Tell me what to write."  They were talking fast and I was typing as quickly as I could on Facebook.  It was still so early, they had no pictures of the girl.  By the time the police were called, the girl had been gone just over an hour.

It wasn't long before we had tons of people ready to search and more Emergency Services arrived, an ambulance, the crime scene truck, a fire truck...it was all hands on deck and very impressive. The police were organized and gave assignments to everyone there. We all spread out going door to door, showing her picture and asking everyone to watch for her.  Shelbie and I were given a street to canvas that was two blocks from our house.  The very first people we spoke to had seen her walking towards the highway.  I ran as fast as I could back to the command center to give them word.  They immediately dispatched police to the outskirts of town.  By now, we were over an hour into things.

Long story short...she was found just before 10 pm several miles away, in the country.   This poor family has had a very difficult year with an ugly, public divorce among other things.  I felt pretty bad for this poor single dad.  Just before people started gathering, I asked him if there was anything I could do for him.  His eyes filled up with tears and I gave him a hug and said, "We are going to find her.  I know we will.  Just keep the faith."   It was a jarring night and by the time I got to bed, I was emotionally spent.

Wednesday, we attended the funeral of our friend's son.  It was a beautiful service for a beautiful spirit.  We fell into line for the procession out to the Interment.  Two years ago, we attended the father's funeral so when the hearse turned away from the direction of the cemetery, I became confused as to why the boy wouldn't be buried beside his dad but we were along for the ride.  We came upon a cemetery but it was clearly not the right one.  The Funeral home circled back around and after a long detour, we arrived at the right cemetery.  I felt like we were being punked.  As the family sat down, the undertaker came up and apologized that he had been on the phone and wasn't paying attention to where he was going!  Ha ha...Props to the guy for admitting that.  I have never in my life had a funeral director go to the wrong cemetery.

Afterwards, we stopped at a hole in the wall place for a late lunch.  We were in the smallest town possible and we like to make a habit of trying out places off the beaten path and this certainly was!  It's a bar in the back of an old gas station.  The gas pumps are the old fashioned kind and it brings back so many memories!   The place was packed with farmers.  We got the last table available.  Just as I suspected, the food was pretty darn good.  The biggest surprise came when the waitress came to tell us that there was no bill for our food, a man who had been sitting at a far table had covered our bill!!  I couldn't believe it!  I asked her if she knew the man and she said she had never seen him before.  I don't know if that's true but what a great thing!  I was very appreciative.


Spencer and I made it to the temple this week and that was a nice change.

The rest of this week has just been busy with work.  When I wasn't working, I've been decluttering.  I seem to do this every other month so it's a wonder I still find junk to toss.  I even got rid of Sam's twin beds that were in his room.  I have decided that it's time he got a 'big boy' bed!  Seriously, he's been a good sport to sleep on a tiny bed for so long.  When I wasn't working and decluttering, I was getting things coordinated and ready for our medical stuff this week.  I think we are ready.  It takes a lot of work to get all the necessary papers and orders from Duke to our Hematologist and Consent forms filled out for the studies we will be doing at Harvard.

Shelbie has been having more episodes when she stops breathing.  It's getting a little unnerving because I don't hear her when it happens at night.  She can't yell or scream for me because she can't breathe.  She tries to run for me but collapses from lack of oxygen.  I started looking into what it would take to train a dog to sleep with her and alert me when she has problems at night.  A friend suggested I try a baby monitor but I'm afraid I wouldn't hear that either.

I have a good lead.  I asked my doctor about it and he just happens to train dogs on the side and he got me in touch with a lady in Salt Lake who trains medical service dogs.  I am hoping to meet with her this week on our trip down!  I don't know if I could afford a service dog, I know they can be a fortune.  I just need a dog to bark or come to alert me when Shelbie goes down. That's all.  I watched a Standard Poodle being trained at Huntsman on our last extended stay there.  She was being trained twice a day just outside Shelbie's room so it was fun to watch that process.  We'll see...

So...lots going on here.  This coming week is going to be a big one.  There's a huge chance I'm going to lose my two office cleaning jobs on Monday!  What a circus that has been and now...I may lose them to someone who undercut my bid by $500 a month.  We'll see.  I hope I don't lose them but if I do, I'll figure something else out.

There's also a good chance that Spencer will need to start plasma transfusions just like Shelbie.  Part of our visit will be to determine that.  With everything going on politically with the healthcare debacle, losing work and the possibility of starting another $13,000 a month treatment...well, let's just say I'm trying not to worry.

Whew...Life is happening fast!



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