Mothers day 2017

 For the first time in...oh...I don't know...a million years at least, Mother's Day was tolerable!


Because it was Sam's birthday and I got to spend the day doing what I love, taking care of the people I love.  I mentioned some things from our rough week, there were other things I'm not really going to discuss at length but it put a whole damper on his birthday weekend.  I tried really hard to make it fun but there was a definite current of sadness that showed on Sam's face.

I don't usually go to church on Mother's Day but I had to play the organ which still brings me a great deal of anxiety but right after, I left.  I picked up Shelbie and we went down to see May and take her some chocolate.  She was in really good spirits this week.  A bit confused but she seemed to have a let a little of her resistance to the situation go this past week.

We hurried home and I finished getting a big dinner made and put the finishing touches on Sam's cake.  I invited their cousins over for dinner and then they all played games for the evening while I cleaned up and called my mom.

So, my mom is great! It was nice to take a minute to write her a little letter and talk to her.  She has taught me some of the most valuable skills in life.  I learned self reliance from her.  I learned how to problem solve, cook, sew and love others. She is wise and soft spoken and has come to my rescue so many times when the kids were little and I was sick for a couple of rough years. I love my mom and miss her!

My kids didn't really say much about Mother's Day all day but at 11:00 Sunday night, they walked me down to the family room with my eyes closed and surprised me with this!!!

This video is probably the greatest gift I've been given.  I love that my kids took the time to do this, it means so much to me.  I was speechless, just like I am now.  Mother's day has always been hard for me.  It was the day, some 12 years ago that I felt like the biggest failure in life as I faced a divorce.  Somehow, these kids make everything alright.


  1. Tears, then laughter, and you can tell Spencer I AM jealous. :) Great kids, great mom!


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