We need a Disco Ball

Last year, or maybe it was the year before, I heard a talk by Billy Ward.  He asked three questions...

Who is your Sun?  Who in your life reminds you of the sun?  They show up everyday no matter what.  They bring you light and warm up your soul.

Who is your Lighthouse?  Who guides you home...helps you on your path?

Who is your Disco Ball?  Who is that person in your life who bounces light and energy off them.  They show up with energy and encourage you to live life with vigor, fun, and humor. They teach you to enjoy the journey.

I thought about this again when we had a little struggle this past weekend.  I use to be all of these to my kids.  My kids use to be some of these things to me. As I listened to each of them talk about how tired and sick they feel...I wished we had a disco ball. I wished I was that disco ball that I once was.  I get so frustrated with myself!

Oh well, without a doubt, day by day we are working things out.  We may not be in Dancing Queen mode but even shuffling can be a dance of sorts.  As long as we keep up with the beat, the rhythm of life, we are bound to hear the music better in some not so distant day right?



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