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Happy Birthday Spencer

Yesterday, the 8th, was Spencer's 22 birthday!

Without a doubt this was one monumental birthday as far as I was concerned, I mean, given what we have faced with his heart this past month.  I had all sorts of feelings and emotions on Thursday but didn't let them get the better of me.  I wanted to feel happy and blessed that we were celebrating another year.

It brings me great joy to make a fun birthday cake for my family and friends who have become like family.  I could never do it as a job or be hired out because that feels less fun to me.  I try to think about their personality and create something meaningful for them.  Sometimes, they give me input and help plan the details but sometimes they don't.

Spencer had no clue what he wanted and all along, I had planned to make a giant deli sandwich like one he had on his Make A Wish trip.  It was enormous and he was in hoagie heaven eating it!  At the last minute, I decided it made way more sense to make a skiing cake since he is my ski bum!

This was my ski bum, busting out of knee deep powder!  I discovered I kind of like sculpting faces out of fondant! 

Our good friends brought over a Cherry Chocolate cake as well and that is the one we actually cut.  It was so good!  (I forgot a picture...)  Anyways, I was the only one who had cake.  Everyone else was sick!  Oh well, that's the way it goes around here lately.

Spencer is so fun to have at home.  His humor will always be the thing that gets us through.  He is so witty and funny and has a knack for helping his siblings through difficult situations.  He has worked hard his whole life.  He continues to press on, making the best of a very hard situation he currently finds himself in.  He seems to be able to take things in stride and never slows down to feel sorry for himself.

I will never forget last fall when he was in the hospital with Salmonella.  He didn't just lay there resting, he was teaching himself Adobe programs and creating art for his t-shirts.  If it had of been me, I would be have sleeping off the pain and discomfort and complaining every chance I got.

In the past year, he has taught himself so many different software programs and has a great eye for photography and video.  He has worked hard to get his video equipment purchased and is starting a visual media company.  He is starting out with wedding videography but plans to expand his portfolio into more exciting venues, like sports.

Spencer is one of the hardest workers I know.  Even since his heart event, he has been helping his friend's dad demolish an old house.  The work is hard and the hours are long but he sticks with it.  That is an admirable quality among many he possesses.

I am blessed to have a son like Spencer.  He adds so much to our family and my life.  Here's to another 22 years and more!



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