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Club Med...Booked

Today, I booked Club Med for all of us to getaway to...

Oh wait, no I didn't...That was the Neuro-Opthalmologist I booked a visit with!

This secretary though, she wins some kind of award.  I was super impressed because at one point, I really thought we were booking something fun!

She began with the usual questions like, "So, is this just a basic visit?"  As if everybody books out time with a Neuro-Opthalmologist.

'Hmmmm, what should we do today kids?  Who wants to go see the Neuro-Opthalmologist? Yay!!!"

" I guess, I mean, he has been having some issues." I actually said.
"Okay, what sort of issues?"
"Oh, he loses his vision for no apparent reason.  He chills for an hour or so and it eventually comes back." I said,
"Oh Gosh!  Okay, this just started?"
"No!  It's been going on about 3 years.  Maybe 4.  It's not bad.  As long as he isn't driving when it happens."

She laughed..."You are just now wondering what is wrong?"

"No, but our Oncologist thinks it's a problem we should address.  He does have a cyst on his eye and a suspicious Nevus and he has the gene for Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy...Hmmm, sounds like maybe I should have worried about this sooner!"

She laughed...

As she was looking for appointment times she said, "Now, I see you have a large group attending various venues here over the next several weeks, is there anyone else in your party who would like to visit us?"

Doesn't that sound like something fun the rest of us are missing out on?!! I have a group and a party!

She was really sweet and fun to talk to...I politely declined her offer to have all the kids attend the 'event' she was planning for Sam.  The appointment will take 3-5 hours!! But, she assured me that Sam would be 'pampered' and at the center of their attention!  So, maybe the rest of us will be real jealous of Sam when it's all said and done!

Before we finished, she said, "I realize it's none of my business but have you thought about moving to Salt Lake?  You have a crazy schedule.  Is this your job?  Just shuttling to Utah?"

"Yes, this is my full time job, just waiting for nurses and doctors to call me and schedule appointments.  I moonlight as a Designer, since I am the breadcrumb winner around here!" probably won't be much fun.  I can't imagine 3-5 hours in one clinic is going to be thrilling, then the following day, he will attend an event at the Huntsman Surgical Theatre where he will have a front row private showing of the long playing classic- The Sun Will Come Out To- MARROW.


  1. I have to admit the Moran Eye center has some of the nicest people working there! I do want to tell you I really have never been out of there in under 3 hours, and always closer to 5. It's hard..when I leave there after have my eyes are double dilated they give me the plastic blackout glasses then I wear my sunglasses over them, so I really am blind. It's a chilling feeling. I see Dr. Alison Crum, she is very thorough, and super nice. The tests they do are also very thorough.

    1. This is so good to know! They seem very nice. I'm excited in a very strange and twisted way to tour another medical facility! Weird...I know! I'm not going to tell Sam about the double dilated, he hates that part at Dr. Fullmers. Thanks for your sharing your experience!

  2. Ugh, your humor! Hahaha, jk. You're so dang witty!


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