Never have I ever

...had such a strange week.  Two phones call this week I never dreamed I would have ever had to have.  I had the shear pleasure of talking to the IRS yesterday, in a not so fun conversation and today, I had a conference call with the nurse of our new surgeon.  Never, have I ever thought I would be adding a Complex Surgical Oncologist to our team of doctors.

Now, I understand a little more why we had to wait a week.  The surgeon who we were going to be scheduled with is just a general surgeon.  They switched us to a Complex Surgeon, specializing in Oncology.  I guess I'm grateful for that but at the same time, it worries me.  Of course, my mind is having a hay-day trying to read into the change.  I feel like they know more than they are telling us.

The weight of our situation is starting to settle in and it is quickly becoming a nail biting experience.  Getting through the weekend is going to be tough.  The nurse said that Shelbie can't take anything other than Tylenol between now and Wednesday.  She had her transfusion today so that means it could be a rough weekend in and out of the ER for pain relief with something that won't thin her blood.   I hope I will be pleasantly surprised.  Shelbie has amazing friends right now and they have been so helpful to keep her occupied these past few weeks so she doesn't have a lot of alone time, especially on the weekends.  They have some things planned for tomorrow if Shelbie can manage. Keeping busy will help I think.

I find myself becoming quite anxious.  I am so scared that someone is going to get sick, get in an accident; something tragic will happen that will prevent the surgery from taking place.  I'm really nervous.

Well, other than that, infusion today went well.  They have a new 'toy' at the hospital we got to experiment with; a vein finder.  We are moving up in the world here...

This weekend is going to be all about trying to keep our wits about us.  Wish us luck! 



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